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Introducing talent-linked pricing for traders

Hello all!

Everyone knows that a good pricing can make a difference for big volume strategies. Also, any volume-based incentive will not be allowed since August 1st.

We are glad to announce the introduction of talent-linked pricing for traders. This offers a clean & fair way to not handicap skilled traders caught in the regulatory change.

So here it is, introducing new pricing for skilled traders!

Further info is available in the blog post below.

This is fantastic news for good traders! SHARE IT! SPREAD THE WORD! Everyone needs to know these exceptional conditions.


Does this mean the end of rebates?

That’s roughly what it means, yes.
Keeping in mind that we are talking about retail customers only.

If darxinex can be a bit more explicite I would appriciate.

“The end of rebates” like title would be better I think

If you had read the ESMA announcements, you would know that ESMA has forbidden that. Rebates based on volumes are now only available for Pro Clients. This is not a Darwinex thing, it’s the law… I am not surprised you prefer to blame Darwinex instead of ESMA.

That being said, the discount we are introducing is 40%, which is much larger than the rebates we used to offer.

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As usually my massages are misunderstood even the last one was very clear;

I never blamed darwinex and I know the ESMA reagulation but the an long communication note I never read “the rebates doesn’t existe any more”. Instead we can make a deduction.

That’s all, no need to make me say what I havn’t but now I’m used with it.

It’s more simple to blame me that to recognize the errors.

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I really think that this is how well Darwinex manage things! Merit first and always looking forward to attract new traders. I don’t know what are the other brokers doing but surely they don’t have Dscore to help them out :wink:

Now the questions:

  1. I pay commission in EUR (5€ round trip for EURUSD 1 lot)… so it will be 4€ (dscore betwween 50-60) and 3€ round trip for Dscore above 60?
  2. This commission discount will apply to all who are invested in the darwin?
  1. you get personal rebate afterwards (i guess monthly?) but first you pay full 5€/$…
  2. no, Darwins will still be calculated with full commission, Investors get Diversification Rebates, this is (in theory) also up to 40% reduction of commissions

This is fantastic!
The only broker that prizes talent not volume!


The article is speaking about pricing , so I understand that it is a reduction of the commission not a rebate paid back after.


Top notch competitive pricing, imho!! I’ll spread the word :+1:


Hi guys,

Glad to hear you like the idea!

It is indeed a rebate paid after because of two reasons:

  1. We need to wait until the end of the month to see what score you have at the end of the month and
  2. If we didn’t, this would give rise to divergences between trader and investors.

Also, it needs to be made on a look-back basis because otherwise, one could argue that we’d be incentivising traders to trade more based on their score. I.e., if you knew at the beginning of the month that you qualify, you might feel incentivised to trade more that specific month.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the clarification, @DAIICHI.

I think the following sentence in the article clearly states that rebates for retail traders are a no go with the new ESMA regulation?

Happy to amend the blog post to make it clearer!

It’s a pity so performance won’t increase.
BTW it is very good but IMO it would be better to rename discount into rebate…
It seems consistent: investors are rebated for diversification while traders are rebated for talent.

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Thank you, I agree.

We tried to avoid the “rebate” concept so the regulator clearly knows that it is not incentivising to trade more…

I’ll circulate your feedback internally!

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The perfection would be turning this into real discounts!
That would make strategies more profitable on Darwinex than on other brokers!
In monetary terms is the same but has a great psychological power!

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By offering a cash back on a qualitative rather than a quantitative basis, we turns what was supposed to be a disadvantage into an advantage actually.

So the (very) least is to present it with a nice gift package, do not you think?:slight_smile:


Do the talent-linked rebates apply also on the overnight financing / swaps ?

Unfortunatelly no …
Theoretically swaps are passed from prime brokers without markup, so there is nothing to discount.

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