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Investable Attributes

I don’t know if I had understood it really… but from what I can see, I can’t request the historical value of any of the IA (CS, DC, EXP, R-, R+, MC, PF, OS, CP, RA, RS, R+) … yes, there are a LOT of information provided, but not the score.

Example R+:

The response is a list of points (one point per day), oldest first.

Each day-item contains aggregated values for the day.

item[0] -> (long) Millis
item[1] -> (double) D-Periods
item[2][$position][0] -> (long) Open time of position
item[2][$position][1] -> (long) Duration of position
item[2][$position][2] -> (double) Return of position
item[2][$position][3] -> (double) VaR of position
item[2][$position][4] -> (double) Leverage of position

… great information, but I don’t have the R+ for the current Millis… or am I wrong?

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Hi GAlbano76,

For the scores I can see 2 different calls, one for the history details and one for the current scores:
History details: /products/{productName}/history/badges
Current score: /products/{productName}/scores

Could you try and let us know if additional details are required? Thanks!

(PS: We might be allowing additional parameters start / end to the history methods in the following version )


Hi Jesusbc,

my wrong! but why “you” called it “badges” and not “attributes”? :slight_smile: … now I know where to look…


yeah… good point. It looks like we missed the history/badges to our internal term. We might change /history/badges to /history/scores or history/attributes for the next version. (discussing it right now)