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Is compounding possible without selling out and reinvesting profit gained into a darwin?

Sorry for another question but I don’t know if my brain just isn’t working but there is something that I don’t quite understand.

Say I invest £10,000 in a Darwin, and after a day that Darwins price goes up by 1% that means (ignore. Fees for now) that I have £10,000 invested and a profit of £100

If I am aiming to compound my capital gains I don’t see how this is. Possible without selling the Darwin and reinvesting using the profit, is this the only way?

For example if I don’t sell the Darwin I would only still have £10,000 invested and not £10,100 so if the Darwin went up another 1% I would still only earn £100 not £101?

I guess what im getting at is what happens to the profit, is it added to the investment or would I have to sell the Darwin and buy it back to add the profit to my investment?

Cheers, again im sorry for been a pain!

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