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Is the Darwinex Community for everyone? Yes & No

In this episode, @juancolonbo talks about what it means to be an “Alpha” (an individual with an attitude and zeal for continuous improvement), why Darwinex is home to every Alpha in existence, and how the Darwinex Community Forum serves as a base for Alphas to share in their collective growth and that of Darwinex.

He shares some historical context into what led Darwinex to acquiring a Broker license from the FCA back in the day, how the world really didn’t need “yet another broker” at the time, but did in fact need Darwinex as the “last ever broker” you’d ultimately arrive at and stay for good, in your quest for trading / investing success.

Before Traders arrive at Darwinex (we are typically their 3rd or 4th broker) they’ve usually been through and experienced the brokerage industry enough to develop bitter personalities… or grown into “Alphas”.

Darwinex, the Trader Movement and its Community Forum are home to Alphas.

Because at Darwinex, we ourselves are “Alphas”.

As Juan says in the video, your feedback (comments / Speakpipe) is welcome!


@bendex, @GAlbano76, @Sergey5 - does “being an Alpha” make you tick? We’ve hired professional help to nail Darwinex’s why, and have hit on 2 core insights:

  • Alphas are different, and they know it. You have an instinct to prove, to yourself and others, that you’ve got what it takes
  • Alphas can’t make everything by themselves - they miss a link: every Alpha needs a broker, a minimum of capital to trade, an asset management license - if his capital isn’t enough, etc.

Would you agree with the above? If so, do you agree on trying to make this “The Alpha Community”?


I like what the Darwin team does. I like Broker Darwin. But I do not have free time for organizational or community work.
Sorry for google translate.


Hi Juan… I totally agree with your statement… I add that sharing is not the first choice for an “alpha”. They need to resolve all alone their riddle “against” the market.

I imagine that you have something in mind about how to… for what it matter and for what it would be possible, I’m in.


@GAlbano76 More to come on this later this year :slight_smile:

For now, thanks so much for your validating feedback. Means a lot to us! We’ll reach back out as soon as we have more to share.

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I agree with the above.

What do you have in mind for “The Alpha Community”? I don’t mind sharing some general things and trying to help people like kind of what happened here: KVL autopsy, rise and fall of a contrarian strategies portfolio

What else do you want me to do specifically to help?

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@bendex We’re delighted to enjoy your Alpha contributions in the community. That’s more than we can ask for at this stage :slight_smile: