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Is the ranking of strategies really consistent and fair

Maybe we’ll have to agree to disagree on this.

BUT the great news is the new Darwinex reloaded looks amazing :smile:

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I think you are referring to KDU , int this case the high rating is caused by activity.
100% activity at 15 of the month means the trader has already fired all the trades of an entire month.
It’s a temporary ranking, now the other partecipants have 15 days to reach 98-100%. :wink:

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I fully agree that Darwins with negative return have no place in winning any funds from DarwinIA. It is against common sense that someone should win a contest by losing money. I am little amazed that Darwinex does not see that as an issue.


The use of migrated accounts has been in a few threads on this forum so I’ll keep this short, although I think it very much relates to this thread. BMZ is currently 4th in the Darwina rankings, obviously this will move but half way through a month things seem to move a bit less. This is a strategy that has had gains in the past but since being migrated has struggled to make any profits.

It was migrated 6 months ago and has been on a loosing streak ever since but because its got some gains this month is ranking highly in Darwina.

To me this points to a strategy that hasn’t been adapted for a different broker and therefore will continue to loose.

If the Darwina rankings took a more ‘mid-term’ view like the last 3-6 months to help workout the rankings this strategy would be seen to be loosing value and shouldn’t be ranked anywhere in the Darwina rankings, especially as high as 4th.

Just my opinions of course but I don’t think this helps with the mission to bring good traders to the top and invest in them to allow them to live off their trading, strategies like this take money away from genuinely good systems that could make something from the investment imo.

(Edit, I’ve got nothing against the system or the provider btw, I just think its a good example for how the rankings can be a bit wrong and migrated accounts can increase the issue)

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If BMZ keeps loosing Performance will drop very soon and so D-Score.
Monthly contest is just noise, consistent winners are in the Hall of Fame.

BTW here the problem is migration, not criteria of the contest.

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I’d say its probably a combination of both personally? The D-Score should already have dropped and be penalising its ranking in my option. If it takes longer than 6 months for the Darwinex algo’s to see that this strategy has done nothing but loose value since it was migrated then there is something very wrong I think.

Even without the migration, loosing money consistently for 6 months is an issue I think.

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Try to imagine to be the provider of BMZ …
Obviously you noticed that something isn’t working anymore on Darwinex, than you win an AUM of 150k, what would you do?

You will be strongly motivated and encouraged to fix the issue.
You are invested, not prized for you past, future matters.

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Absolutely agree. However look at it from the point of view of everyone else doing the same thing. People who have made an account from scratch and therefore don’t have a ‘perfect’ experience but they’ve actually made some gains in the last 6 months yet this account is 4th in Darwina and I know that the Darwina contest isn’t everything but not only does it give traders capital it also advertises them to investors, the only way I saw this Darwin was because I noticed them in Darwina.

For me this not only shows the issue with migration but also the issue with the massive weighting the ‘experience’ metric seems to have. An account with another broker has been going for a long time but this one, thats done nothing but loose money in the 6 months its been on Darwinex, has only been trading with these conditions for 6 months but it still has a perfect experience score and therefore ranks highly.

I know I’m probably repeating myself a bit, this Darwin is a perfect example of the way things are weighted against new and/or honest traders in my opinion.

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Not overvaluing monthly darwinia is one of the first lesson every investor shoud learn.
A true investor knows that one month means nothing.
The contest is an incentive for traders, not a suggestion to investors.
Hall of Fame may be seen as a suggestion…


True, but as a potential incoming trader looking to get investment its one of the biggest ways to bring new traders in. So if they see they are going to get nailed by bad metric ratings and get bad Darwina ranking investment it seems counterproductive to bringing new traders in to the Darwinex platform imo.

Ho many traders dont deserve to be in the ranking now?
4 , 5? There are 48 places.
Darwinia is a tool for Darwinex to talentscout traders.
Selling a lucky past or a non-significant trackrecord is useless to profit from performance fees.
If you are a true trader you are encouraged to keep your equity northward.


IMO, besides viewing all the attributes, you should also consider this

  1. Trader active in the community to discuss about his Darwin?
  2. Trader’s equity.

Agreed. In the mid to long term having overall good scores is always going to win out. I forgot which Darwin it was recently that got almost $1m AUM, they were on a solid long and consistent winning streak and I thought it was really good to see they got rewarded for that.

I guess my issue is these fakes come in with migrated accounts and while theres not many they do take up high ranks in Darwina, and therefore as a percentage take away a larger chunk of investment from traders with solid systems.

I guess what I really want is experience to be scrapped and replaced with something more fitting and to discourage people just migrating in any old account, this will cause them problems in the long run but in the short term they get a big injection of Darwina cash. I could have re-used my old Darwin to get an instant listing if I wanted but it had huge DD and was totally different to my current systems so I went the honest route and started a whole new system. I’m now going to be penalised for months for my honesty by having a super low experience stat which seems to be massively weighted. Not a great reward for honesty :pensive:


Don’t lose hope @TraderTom, this is a long term project and sympathise with your frustrations.

RUG has been trading here for 2 years and achieved both the Promising and Return> 50% filters however due to the Low Experience attribute has hampered its chances of getting any allocation from Darwinia and gaining visibility.

I’m sure my strategy will outperform many of those currently listed on Darwinia in the long-run but we don’t make the rules, we can either choose to accept them or go elsewhere.

If you have a proven edge in the market you will eventually get noticed.

Carry on doing things the right way. Slow and Steady!


100% agree. I’m here for the long run :slight_smile:

Currently adjusting my risk profiles and a few tweaks to move my main EA over from a different broker as I believe in the Darwinex platform much more especially after hearing from and meeting the guys behind it all at the reloaded preview in London. Unfortunately I was honest and didn’t migrate my account to cheat experience but started a new account, its the long game that counts though!


…and that is Darwinia! a tool to talent scout! Both for Darwinex and for investors, it is just another filter, like trending or good scores, they are not tha best Darwins, they are the best of the current month, maybe they are promising or just lucky, maybe it is just noise or maybe they fixed their system and they have started to be profitable!

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one :wink:

KDU and BMZ are going down with the advancement of the month.

At the beginning of the month a good rank can come from Dscore or overtrading.
At the end of the month we reach the right consistency.

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Good to see, although BMZ is still 11th with $110,000 even though its made a loss this month so far, along with 5 out of the last 6 months. Its got a high ‘experience’ though so it must be good…

KDU I have less of an issue with, I don’t agree that a strategy thats been loosing for the last few months is ranked so highly but in a way its not a strategy that is failing imo, just a rough patch. I don’t think it should be this high in Darwina but at least its earned its experience on Darwinex and not a migrated account and overall has made a profit on Darwinex.


Of course there are a lot of things to evaluate for an investor beyond D-Score.

  • consistency of the trackrecord
  • size of the trading account
  • description and social part