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Hello everyone

I present my DARWIN IVP to the esteemed community.

I apologize for my English (I don’t know it well and use Google translate).

Trading in Darwinex has been going on for more than 6 months, and there have been some positive results in DarwinIA.

I would like to thank the creators of Darwinia and Darwinex, you have done a great job.

I also want to Express my gratitude to investors, thank you for your trust!

Let me tell you a little about the various periods of rising and falling returns.

About drawdowns and trading principles.

The equity curve can be divided into several periods:

Red period 1:

The trade was not intense, there are no interesting moments.

Red period 2 :

The inflated risks led to a series of losses that led to maxDD.

It was decided to reduce the risks.

Red period 3:

The account was used as part of a trading strategy on several accounts.

Blue period:

Since September 2018, it has been decided to use a trading account for a portfolio in Darwinex.

How I trade:

Trading is completely manual.

Transactions are divided into parts-first entry and top-up.

The strategy is mainly counter-trend, and this is reflected in the indicators " La “and"Rs”.

The loss limit is based on 3 parameters:

ATR -large values

Time – if the exposure retention time exceeds the allowed value, a decision is made to close all trading transactions.

Max exposure DD – the allowed amount of exposure loss and the maximum number of open positions.

If all 3 parameters are in the “red” zone, trades are closed.

Example of making a decision about losses:

On 22.01.2020, the exposure set for AUD/USD and USD/CAD started. by mid-February, the situation became unfavorable and by 26.02.2020, all the risk control parameters of the strategy turned red.

A large number of open positions, time to hold positions, unfavorable background (COVID-19).

It was decided to fix most of the exposure and accept the loss.

The next drawdown is due to changes in Darwinex (a decrease in var to 6.5%).

I narrowed the range of decision-making to exit trades and looked for solutions that could balance trading. However, in the end, it was decided to leave the risk assessment parameters at the same level.

Now the risk control parameters correspond to those that worked until may 2020

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