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JDD - TraderFJI

Hello everyone.

I’m going to present my new Darwin JDD with more than 5 years of travel, you can see it in the following link.

Link Operativa.

I will explain who I am and what my strategy is based on, I have opened this thread so that you can ask me questions about what they need.

Who I am:

I am a Spanish trader, I have worked in my beginnings as a manager of American stocks for over 4 years in a trading company owner in Barcelona, ​​I have also been working as a financial trader in a family office in Miami (USA) where I managed a part of the career of the company in the currency market and raw materials. Currently I am an independent trader and I work managing for investment funds in their areas of FX, normally fund (PIF). I have opened an account in Darwinex to reach the retail clients and offer the possibility of becoming part of my operations.

About my operation:

I use a multi-temporal and multi-currency strategy, entering the market at the optimum moment, for this I use institutional tools such as the Bloomberg platform to access the depth of the market in level II. The use of institutional tools makes a difference, with them we can access the market with greater guarantees and with a greater degree of success and confidence.

I use an appropriate risk management strategy for each market moment and I adapt to the volatility of each pair.

I do not use a martingale strategy, I do not use a grid, all operations have their SL and TP limits defined partially or totally, since risk management is very important.

For any question about the operation, you can leave me your comments or you can contact me by **skype with the user TraderFJI

Thank you.



As a spanish speaker, let me recomend to you to join a Telegram group where we speak exclusively about Darwinex.

It is not a official group from Darwinex, but we are a lot of spanish traders / investors and we will be pleased if you can join the group, created from Darwinizate.

Hi @TraderFJI,
Thanks a lot for sharing.

Very interesting profile… I will be delighted to track your evolution here! :darwinex:

May I wish you the best success possible at Darwinex, and a warm welcome to Community!


On the other hand, regarding your Darwins, I have several questions…

Your trading journal shows big differences from the past. It has nothing similar from the beggining to Nov 16, than Nov 16 to Jun 17.

Can you explain why there is such a big difference in terms of D-Leverage, frequency of deals, drawdown, results…

On the other hand… regarding this affirmation…

When looking at your strategy (not darwin) I can see some deals that seems not to have a stop loss… in fact, there is one that you closed at +8,28% but it went negative for -19,89%.

I am sorry, but… what was your stop loss there?


If we analyze the investable attributes evolution it seems that from april 2017 the strategy is completely different than before.


The operation uses SL in all the operations, in 70% of the operations, my SL is hidden, I use an automatic system that manages the SL and the TP and hides them from the market.

Regarding the strategy, during the first years it has been Swing, later it has been a strategy with shorter operations.


Thanks for your response @TraderFJI

Stop losses in Darwinex are not shown. No matters if they are visible in Metatrader or managed by an automatic system.

What we can see however is the maxium positive and adverse excursion of every single trade.

If you can respond my questions I really would appreciate.


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The strategy takes almost 6 years to report, throughout the history of the operation, the risk has adapted to the market, there are years where the annual target was 30%, other years the annual target was 100%, for this reason There are moments in history, in which the volatility peaks have been greater.

Hi @traderFJI,

No matter what is D-Leverage of your strategy, Darwinex adjust VAR of Darwin always to 10%, so eventhouth your strategy had different goals, in the Darwin we should see always something similar, and we can see big differences in several periods.

So… Don’t you think it can be another reason of the diffent behaviour of your Darwin?


I understand that you tell me, as he commented, the first years the operation was with longer operations, operational swing, then the operation is the same but with shorter objectives. I do not know what algorithms Darwinex uses to create Darwin, anyway the Darwin gain is over 800% and the average historical DD is good.

I invite you to enter the Darwin and you will see how it is a stable strategy in time, where all operations are always protected.

Thanks for your proposal, but for now, the most I will do is to buy your Darwin in the demo account.

There is something that should be a mistake in Darwinex since it says the montly divergence is about 20%, something that doesn’t make any sense. You should write Darwinex to check if that is a mistake.

Anyway, even with a 0 divergence I wouldn’t buy your darwin since to me, the migrated track record doesn’t make any sense considering the actual Darwin behaviour.

If it really is because you changed from swing trading to shorter operating, I really recommend to you to go back to swing trades.

I will keep an eye in your evolution.

Wish you best luck!


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Thank you for your comments, The operation is stable over the years, if you go into Darwin with a demo account I am sure you will see how it is a good operation.

A cordial greeting.

@TraderFJI , since you can generate 800%, i would think your equity should be at least $5000 instead of $700?
Anyway, great results on your Darwin! congrats

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The system can be good for investments of any capital, thank you for your support.

I have consulted Darwinex, they have told me that the divergence of 20% has been a mistake, Darwin has been created today, they are still adapting Darwin because it is new.


Hello, we have a telegram group which interests you, we put Spanish speaking managers and investors in touch, we give visibility to promising darwins.
Buenas, tenemos un grupo de telegram el cual le interese, ponemos en contacto a gestores e inversores de habla hispana, damos visibilidad a darwins prometedores

We closed March in positive and the Darwin continues to grow, the divergence is very good and the results also, I encourage all investors to ask about the operation, we are here to help in any questions they may have.