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JHU - Unofficial Discussion

Another perfect migration. One to watch

50K investment straight off the bat.

NIght scalper with 170k capacity , which is probably generous.


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I don’t have nothing against scalpers but a Capacity of 0.4 is really too low.
Divergence of -0.3% with only 50k of AUM…:thinking:
Sharing this kind of strategy does not make much sense.


investing in it, doesn’t make much sense either .


@Muiris @Tomcat @IlIlIlIlI
Here we have the main proplem of the “most investors” filter.
A herd attracted by a recent migration.

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True, I’m bit astounded by this one.

there has been some other hero migrations lately that didn’t get traction.

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There is nothing bad in the strategy and trading capital is decent.
We need more public trackrecord to exclude a lucky account from a trackrecord farm.

OS 9
LA 4
This means a contrarian entry that helps with Divergence and Capacity.

Trading journal is perfect and consistent with the description: night scalping without grid or averaging.

BTW the herd doesn’t care about this stuff, they see only Return and DD. :smiley:

Sorry,I don’t take migrations seriously without at least 360 days of trading at Darwinex after migration.

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I require 750 :slight_smile:
but for 50 noobs a couple of weeks is enough.

JHU is not investable but promising, maybe it will be the next SKJ

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