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JRT - jonathan325

My name is Jonathan Anaya. I am economist and I have a MBA. I enjoy doing trading, my account is JRT. Now I will talk about my strategy
My strategy
The elaboration of the strategy was polished after two years of meticulous studies and analysis of the forex market. I must clarify that the construction of the strategy was done together with my brother, Gerson Anaya,

The strategy falls into the category of quantitative trading because it consists of using the scientific method to study financial markets. For the construction of the strategy we performed backtesting to ten pairs since 2011. The backtesting allowed us to define some weekly operating parameters.

I am a quantitative manual operator, although in the future we hope to put the strategy into an algorithm. Weekly, I define the course of action to take and choose the pairs that have the highest probability of profit.


Today with my account JRT, I could close February with green numbers (4.04%). At the moment JRT records earnings of 18.36%. February was a challenging month due to the many variations in the markets. However, I kept the principles of my strategy and it worked well for my account. My account is new, only with 10 months of operations, but in this time JRT has a dscore of 56.16. Also, recently, JRT won the good grades (Buenas notas) filter.
The account is consolidating as time goes by and has good growth prospects.

Greeting and see you next time


Since April 2019, I opened my darwin JRT ( As I said in a previous entry, I work with a quantitative manual approach. At the moment, in 10 months of operations, the strategy has demonstrated to work very well. Even, in market turbulence, as happened in the last week. This year, I expect it has benefits between 25% and 50%.

Thanks and see you next week.


March : 2.04%
2020: 7.53%


Just wanted to come by and congratulate you for JRT’s one year anniversary. Keep up the good trading and looking forward to your updates here!


April: 5.13%
2020: 10.95%
Darwinia 67


2020: 11.69%
Total: 25%
Darwinia: 45

We are growing up, invest in us.

Thank you :slight_smile:

hi @jonathan325,
good work!, not recognized yet!

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Thanks so much OldSchool

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June: -2.71%
2020: 8.26%
Total: 21.20%


Julio: -0.58%
2020: 8.01%
Total: 20.92%