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Judgements vs Debates involving DARWINs - Thoughts & Feedback

And the other day,this same person was schooling CavaliereVerde about democracy and free speech…

We are here mainly to discuss about darwins, ours if we are traders, everyone if we are investors.
If you post a darwin it is because you want to discuss.

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I wasn´t schooling anyone, just answering comments and also repeating his own comments. Maybe if you read his previous comments, then you could understand better.

Well you have to start somewhere.When I was a kid ,If I couldn’t find the right solution directly,then I slowly excluded all wrong solutions and got the right one.

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Oh, really? You said yesterday right here not to mention yours!..That´s so curious…haha. Or you don´t mention darwins at all or we mention any, including yours…Anyway, I´ll do whatever I thing is right, regardless your opinion.

This community is becoming a little mafia…and I don´t like that. I am a free spirit and we´ll say anything I want. But, I never ever attacked anywone here…but I won´t allow anyone attack me, I am not a sheep, and I´ll never be. I have accomplished already much more things in my live than 99% of dreamers here. Probably your dreams would be the life I enjoy right now, so don´t even think for a moment that I am here begging anything…

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I prefer to discuss about other darwins because I am more credible and neutral with others but my darwins are posted here and everyone can discuss about them, I always answered to questions, even during drawdown.
I am also an investor so there is much more to discuss about other 2000 darwins than only my 3.


That expression about community is seriously pissing me off.It is public forum and not some religious sect.People come here for money not for consolation and holding hands.


So, don´t judge other darwins, it piss me off too. When you attack other darwins and make your points, you are conditioning other people minds against those darwins, and it is just your opinion. I don´t know what your reasons are behind those statements, but it is better you keep them for yourself. Or make your points without mention darwin names.
And the way the forum is being limited to only certain comments going with the flow, make the forum and Darwinex less credible.
Credibility you gain when you daserve, not when you cover the sun with a finger.
It is thousand of time more credible a forum where there are different opinions instead only one.
I express myself freely, but I don´t attack any darwin (at least someone do it first).

You have your opinions others have their and everyone can mention every darwin, darwins are a public product so everyone can experss his opinion.

Darwins are here to be reviewed, sometimes there are good reviews sometimes there are bad reviews.
If there were only good reviews this community would be a useless advertising space.
It is important to see the reactions of a trader to a criticism, it tells a lot of his maturity.
The answers of @profithunterpro were in the right direction.


I present facts and analyses.If you can do better,do it!Free speech is for me too,not only you.Everybody who is investor or thinking about it ,has right to discuss all darwins.
I was calling ZVQ to come to this forum and he refuses.
And spare us your personal life details,what I went through you watched only in cinema and I am not yapping about that in my every third post.

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Yesterday you wrote:
¨I prefer to avoid personal attacks and to mention my darwins.
We should be here to discuss about investability for the benefit of investors.¨

Today you are saying:
¨You have your opinions others have their and everyone can mention every darwin, darwins are a public product so everyone can experss his opinion.¨

Often times you mention honestly, but this word should be applied to everyone. I am honest and I have integrity because I say what I think and I do…Also, I respect any darwin beyond my own thoughts.

So, if it is fine to talk openly about any darwin, anyone can do it about yours, is that correct?

Super correct! :slight_smile:
Everyone is free to “attack” my darwins, this is the pit of the lions!


[quote=“CavaliereVerde, post:13, topic:6190”]
Super correct! :slight_smile:
Everyone is free to “attack” my darwins, this is the pit of the lions!
[/Super correct! :slight_smile:
Everyone is free to “attack” my darwins, this is the pit of the lions!
Make sure this time you keep your statement more than 24 hours…yesterday you said the oposite…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Anyway, I wasn’t asking you for permission, it was just retoric.

You presented nothing, and Cavaliere schooled you right away with facts, examples and analysis.

It is way better talking about my personal life than criticize other people darwins…and worse just with your personal opinion.

Unfortunately it is not a fair lions agaisnt lions fight when there is a tamer present…
Anyway, I am done for today.
Going to play some tennis…

If you want to talk about your personal life with strangers,you can go to priest or psychologist.It is their job to listen to that.
Everybody else is here to offer or buy darwins to make money.We are discussing what is on the offer.

Try again, and do it better. You don´t have a freaking point here. I have read here that many people want to know who is the trader behind the darwin, so this is who I am. I am not a person who trade because is in need of money, if some day my darwin is doing well, the possible investors will know that…if you don´t like it, don´t read it…And I am done with you, bye.

He presented some charts and other people presented other charts or examples, everything fine…

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Exact it is interesting to know the trader but personal life does not add strenght to our opinions about trading/investig