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Judgements vs Debates involving DARWINs - Thoughts & Feedback

It is not me calling scammer that sinks Darwinex but scammers that prevent Darwinex to take off.
Investors come and try to invest with few money, they trust scammers, they lose money and they go away.
So if an investor reads my comments and avoid to invest a scammer I am doing a good service to Darwinex and to every honest trader here.

If it is a problem of wording I will substitute “scammer” with “guy that knows to be unprofitable but tries to impress investors with a lucky trackrecord coming from a farm” .




I am reading you and I am thinking that you make statements that involve something very serious.
You are claiming that there are scammers in Darwinex and you are even giving the name of their Darwins. They are also darwins that are managing money from investors. And Darwinex does nothing.
You are claiming that this platform allows scammers.
(And what you put in quotes is much better than scammer).

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and darwinex does what can do:

  • DScore
  • showing closed darwins
  • showing migrations
  • showing earnings
  • showing traders equity
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Thanks for the feedback, @biggenie!

I agree accusing anyone of being a scammer is a rather serious accusation and I hope to have proven that there is no one being scammed.

@CavaliereVerde, I would appreciate if you could please keep your tone towards fellow community members moderate.

As I said before, it’d be great to make out of this community a place where civil and sensitive debates are held!

Thanks for your efforts!


@CavaliereVerde a more palatable term is “a chancer”


So when a spot a lucky trackrecord coming from a farm how should I define the “trader” ?
Can you find me something less offensive than scammer and more compact than “guy that knows to be unprofitable but tries to impress investors with a lucky trackrecord coming from a farm” ?

chancer or cancer ? :wink:


I find Cavaliere comments very fair and usefull. Every trader must be capable of taking criticism. I think Darwinex should encourage frank discussions.


Totally agree with Jekadril.


The bullshit detector is this community, works much better than Return, DD and investable attributes. :wink:


I agree that it certainly works to help determine what NOT to invest in. But that still leaves a whole lot of Darwins that need de-selecting.


I am very happy that we agree on this.
Past return is easy to spot, often here we review the trader, his credibility and honesty.
Credibility and honesty are rare goods in this field… unfortunatelly…


There is not only dishonesty, also overconfidence is very frequent… :wink:

You are lucky for six months or even one year, you are unable to test you strategy on a serious amount of time and you think it will work forever and you are the best trader in the world.
You can fool yourself or some other guy but you cannot fool time and market.

Luck is very dangerous, mostly for the trader.


I consider myself a sarcastic person so I would like this to be furtherly discussed.
My sarcasm comes from 7 years of trying to make money investing wannabe-traders.
I think sarcasm should be tolerated while negativity or end-of-the-world tone should be discouraged.

This is exactly the spirt of many old users to f this community.
I dont’ like insults but sometimes a “frank” language is appropriate to wake up existing or potential investors.
IMO useful has the priority on civil.


Try to cover both, useful and civil. For example If you want to call someone a liar, don’t name it but quote the false statement and show the discrepancy.

Edit: we know you and know what you think :wink:


Never used the word “liar” in this community.
I prefer to be teasing and sarcastic than accusatory.

Maybe we should be more kind and welcoming to newcomers but after what I have seen in 7 years of social trading is very hard not to be sarcastic.
Definitely I feel more a Veteran than a Leader. :sunglasses:

The world of retail social trading is cows vs charlatans.
Darwinex is the best place to change it but we are still quite far.

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A good point to start, without „but“ :wink:

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I have to agree with Darwinex. When dealing with complex topics (trading) combined with human emotions (the work of a peer being judged), IMO is a very bad idea to use any language that’s not as simple and direct as possible, as well as factual and kind. Tease and Sarcasm involves certain ambiguity that’s just not useful. Also, arguably, it’s not the right attitude to approach an open disccusion.


Dear colleague,factual-direct and kind don’t mix together well. Especially when you are dealing with people who have the power to define what is kind.This civilization advanced while factual-direct was priority,it started going sideways when kind became priority.