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KPM- KeepCalm strategy

Hi to Everybody.
First sorry for my English because i speak Spanish. I will try my best to write properly so you can understand me. Feel free to ask me if you do not understand something.


I open this thread for various reasons:

  1. To show my Darwin to potencial investors.

  2. To communicate with my investors. Feel free to write here if you are an investor and want to tell me something.

  3. And as a trading diary where i can express my feelings when i feel i need to so i can avoid bad behavioural habits i.e. when i am having a bad day and i need to cool down.


I am a 39 years old Spanish man. Since i was 18 i have been in the trading world although i have not been trading all these years. There has been periods of time where i have not traded at all.
I have traded shares, futures, options, warrants and of course Forex.
I have to admit that i have not won money trading. Also i must say that i have not lost huge amounts of money because i have traded small accounts, with little money. During all these years there is a pattern that always repeat: I am capable of win during a period of time ( i think i am good at reading charts) but when i have a loss my head goes crazy and i want to recoup the money i have lost. At this point i start doing bad things like trading with too much risk, do not executing my stoploss and things like that. Needless to say that i have broken many accounts during my trading life.
About two and a half years ago i discovered Darwinex. I liked the idea of compete against me and other traders (going up through the Darwinex levels, ameba, rookie, talented…) and also i liked the idea of manage investors´ money so that i could win big money with no need to have a huge trading account, so that way i had only to worry about growing little by little my trading account.
When i joined Darwinex i was determined to take it seriously in order to attract investors capilal. But easy to say and so diffucult to do.
Here in Darwinex i have done all the rookie errors… Trading with too much risk, don not execute my stop loss, being too greedy and so on…
About a year and a half ago i decided to star a blog ( in order to tell everybody my journey with Darwinex and how i was fighting to become a better trader everyday.
Since then, i have blown many accounts here in Darwinex too, but something has changed… Every time i have blown an account i have striven to do it better next time. I have improved so much since then with much effort. Now i am trying to be a consistent trader and try not to go crazy when i have a loss. I think little by little i am achieving it.
I have had several Darwins here, you can see them in the closed darwins section of my profile.


Here is my DARWIN KPM
The strategy behind it is called KeepCalm.
It is a manual strategy only, with no EAs or algorithmic trading. Only manual trades.
It is based on technical analysis only.
I quote the Darwin description “The target of this strategy is to achieve an annual return of 25% to 35% with a low drawdown and never above 10%. Manual trading based on technical analysis”


KPM IPO was on 10th July 2017. It started really good, having great notes in Rs, Mc, Ra,Pf and La attributes.
Quickly i got the “on fire” filter. I had good % profit with a low drawdown.
I was able to get a 33% return in 3 months with only a 3.23% of drawdown. I traded really well, with no rush and with a Strategy Var of no more than 10%.
On 13th September i got my first investor. I will never forget that day :grin:
Since then i have had up to $29.000 in Aum.


This week has been the hardest i have had with KPM. Here is the chart:

Having so much investors in so little time has been really hard emotionally for me and i have payed for that.
This week i have been a bad trader, trying to recoup rapidly my Monday losses, and i feel so sorry for my investors.


So from now on i have to reset and keep going as i have done until this week.
I will go little by little again and I will trade only when i see a good opportunity, as i have been doing until now without forcing my trades.
My Strategy Var has gone from 10% to 14%, and i want to lower it to 10% again.
My overall drawdown has gone from 3% to almost 10%. I hope this will be my biggest drawdown. I think still it is a good number for a good strategy.
My La attribute has gone from 8.6 to 7.7. I will work to get a highest number on that. For me La attribute is one of the most important in a strategy.

                            That´s all thank you for reading.



Welcome to the community forum!

Nice introduction and written in perfect English :+1:t4:


Thanks a lot!! It took me a while :sweat_smile:


Your intro hits a few common tones of many aspiring traders and speak for myself as well. I believe the concept of Darwinia has opened up the can of worms to disrupt the return on investments fallacy both negatively/positively and level up the playing field for big and small investors alike where it was only the big boys could have engaged in play and have access to premium returns. I have no doubt that there will evolve brilliance from this movement and I too am enthusiastic about the possibilities…


The trading history that you described is like I’m reading my own history. Just like you I never give up to become a better trader. Good work. You’re making progress.


Thanks mate.
I think many traders have the same problem, but only a few admit it and many are ashamed of this behaviour. I don´t think we should be ashamed, at the end it is part of the human behaviour. All we have to do is to never give up and to strive to become a better trader everyday, learning from every mistake we make.


Week is over with a nice 4.58% return.

Happy weekend to all!


This week was really really bad, doing again what i used to do… trading with too many risk
I can not express how bad i feel today… :disappointed:
Strategy Var:43.12%
La attribute: 5.4


I feel your pain mate. When I go through periods of dismal performance the first thing I try to do is be bluntly honest and recognise all the flaws and mistakes that took place and write up on sticky notes and toss them in the bin until I score …so at least I succeeded at getting rid of the issue :grin: “heh heh heh”. Now before that I do so… I’ve already planned out a “social” route so when I am satisfied that I have tossed the issues away I’m out to make the best of the weekend and gear up to hit the markets again…


It is soul destroying.
Do you have written strict rules? (max. number of open trades, max. daily loss, use of stop-loss for example).
Publish them and stick to them no matter what.
It is easier to manage only one trade at a time and manage that one well, rather than be all over the place. If trade works great, if it doesn’t work it is ok too.
Strict rules won’t only save from rapid drawdowns on your account, by following them they will save YOU and you will always have something to lean on when things don’t go as expected or when you fell distressed. Drawdowns are normal.
Your Darwin is ok, underlying strategy not. Make risk management strict.


thanks mates…
i was doing really well but maybe getting new investors put me with so much pressure and i did not know how to manage that new situation…
i have been thinking a lot in the last hours and i will start trading the way i was until i had investors, starting next monday.


The simplest solution would be to not check your Darwin account at all during trading hours. Check only on weekends!


Yes! i have thought about it… For the next few weeks i won´t look at my Darwin until Friday afternoon.
On Sundays i will write down the quote, Strategy Var and La attribute and i won´t look at it during the week.

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Last week i traded with minimum risk. My Darwin´s quote barely moved from 113.94 to 113.97 due to my high Var.
Despite i traded with a very very low risk my Strategy´s Var went up from 43.12% to 47.14% due to the Lagging factor in the Var calculation. I hope Var begins to lower its value this week or next week at the latest.
My goals for now are:

  1. Reduce my Var to a value between 4 to 10%.
  2. Restore my La attribute to a score of 8 or higher ( currently 5.3).
  3. Recoup my losses in my investment in my own Darwin. Currently i have invested 2200€ at an average quote of 122.05 loosing 4% of my investing.
    Lets see if i can reach this goals from now until the end of the Year :blush:
    Lastly i would like to mention that i had a fat finger mistake last week… On Thursday I traded 0.31 lots instead 0.01. That trade only took less than a minute. I closed it when i realised i had made that mistake.

    Happy trading to all this week!
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Here is the summary of this week:
I continued to trade with minimum risk in order to lower the Var to a value between 4 to 10%.
Actually the Var is at 45.47%. I hope the Var will be below 40 at the end of next week.
The Darwin quote moved from 113.97 to 114.26. It is so frustrating to see your Darwin moving so slow… But that are the consequences of having a high Var and trying to reduce it… The strategy gained 1.45% in the week, and the Darwin gained only 0.25%.

This is the strategy in the last week.

And this is the Darwin in the last week.
Happy weekend to all!


Hi all again!
After much thinking i have decided i will operate this Darwin with a high Var and i will open a new account to try to achieve a really good Darwin.
The reason to do that is i that despite i have been trading with a very low risk approach in the last few weeks the Var has not moved due to the way it is calculated. So it would take me about 1 or even 2 more months (i do not know exactly) to lower the Var to a value of about 5% aprox.
So from now i will withdraw money and i will trade only with 100€ in this account. This way i will have a high D-leverage in every trade and that will mean i also will have a high Var.
So that way my KPM Darwin will move more and will gain Experience faster than now. My Experience attribute has not move in days and it has been stuck in 2.5 for many days.
My new Strategy will be KeepCalm2, and i will let you know as soon as it gets listed in the Darwin Exchange. :grinning:
My last week of trading:

Happy trading to all!