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KYN by Kogayon

Hello, Darwinex friends!

I think it’s about time to come up with a brief description of my trading strategy so here it is.

My strategy is entirely manual. I have no clue about A.I. trading.

My main entry point in the market is based on overbought / oversold market conditions in conjunction with market sentiment and fundamentals. This is where I feel most comfortable and, if the entry point is chosen wisely, the price moves pretty fast in the direction intended and also allows me to have a tight stop.

Other than that I only have one particular price action pattern that I act on, because, as far as I can tell, the market nowadays is less generous with price action traditional methods.

I use daily and four hours charts to have a look to the broader picture of the market and a very squeezed 1 minute chart for precision regarding the entry and TP/SL levels. In fact, all of my charts are squeezed to the maximum which means the candles are not candles anymore, but simple, tiny lines. This is what makes sense to me as the price levels are clearer and there is less risk of getting sucked into some superstitious price action formation.

I aim to have 2% to 4% profit a month with a DD of 3% to 4%.

The 6.54% DD on my DARWIN and 13.78% on my strategy occurred in the first two months of the account when I wasn’t as careful as I am now in regards to the risk management. My personal style is a bit more aggressive and I think that can be seen on my previous two DARWINS with the consequences we all know leverage and greed have. That is why in September I started to use a second trading account where I can afford to risk more(three times higher leverage than on my main strategy).

I withdraw the profits at the end of each month.

I am less active in the second half of the month. I am more relaxed trading in the first two weeks and, once I have a satisfactory profit or feel that I get to the exhaustion point, I stop trading until next month. I do believe that mental exhaustion kicks in sooner or later, after a nice win or after a nasty loss and that can make any trader to become reckless and give the profits back or lose even more.

I used to use Xenith for real time data and two squawqs, but I have seen no consistent difference in terms of profitability. The real time news that is clear cut and of great importance is pretty rare so, for a 10-20 seconds period ahead of the other retail traders, it doesn’t worth it I would say. Forexlive is a great info source and prints the news faster than the two squawqs I have used.

The last thing that I would say here is that the DARWINEX community looks really professional to me. I am amazed by the amount of A.I. traders here and by the precision of analyses of the overall trading business in the community space. I’m still getting my head around the attributes and D score and so on, but I’m happy I found this one place that gives the retail traders a realistic workframe that is not advocated or offered anywhere else. Long live DARWINEX and our profits!


You are very welcome.
Personally, I like your approach to trading. Cheers!

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Hello! @Kogayon

Your strategy looks solid. Wish you all the best with your Darwin.
Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

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Hello, SkyField!

Thank you for your kind words. It means alot :blush:

Wish you a great Sunday!

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An embarrassing end for my KYN Darwin.

From the moment I took £3000 out of my account - needed for an emergency - I felt the need to make it back by trading and I did not respect the money was left in the account. Higher leverage, suicidal trading convictions, dumb risk management… 54% DD on the strategy, around 22% on KYN Darwin

Back to square one now.

P.S.: I do apologise to my 2 investors that had invested in KYN…although I think they saved themselves on time.


I am sorry.You made a mistake closing your darwin.You could climb from 20% DD and make your trackrecord even more robust.15 months trackrecord with Ex 4 and now starting all over again.Maybe Darwinex can resurrect your old darwin if it is not too late?You had solid trading method there.


I agree.
I have more than 30% on my darwins, DWZ has more than 30% , Dunn capital has more than 30% , here the point is survival not DD .

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You are in a good company:
“If I had to sum up my practical skills, I would use one word: survival. And operating a hedge fund utilized my training in survival to the fullest.” ~ George Soros

“Outperforming the market with low volatility on a consistent basis is an impossibility. I outperformed the market for 30-odd years, but not with low volatility.” ~ George Soros


I am so sorry for this. I hope you find the funds to get back to your trading.

Many people don’t understand how much financial constraints affect trading. Not easy to stay disciplined when you really need the money. Hence why Darwinex and its Darwinia and other promises is a huge draw for many.

Please take care.


Guys, thank you for your comments and sorry for my late reply. Had to travel back and forth.

@Tomcat and @CavaliereVerde I do see where you re coming from regarding the closed Darwin. At the moment of the closure request I didn’t even think about continuing trading on KYN. And I can’t say I m sorry that I ve closed it either. It would depress me to see that DD every time I log in. Maybe that s a silly reason, but I prefer trading his way.

@Tomcat Thanks, my strategy is simple and solid enough in order to get profits. As long as I keep the leverage 0.01 for every £300 in my account. Or even a bit higher. Which after my withdrawal I didn’t :slight_smile:

@Asgardian1 Thank you, brother! Trading for the immediate need of money it’s the worst reason to trade out of all.

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