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KZO - Khaled05

1/6/2016 I opened my first real position.
I‘d like you to see my trades and tell me, what am I missing?
Risk management is one of the issues I think. but what am I missing here? tell me your opinions.I‘d love to broaden my horizons and become a better trader.

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How can we evaluate your trading if you don’t show us a link to your account or trackrecord?

I searched your username on the main site but there is nothing…


From what I see in your darwin and in your underlying strategy I am sure that you risk more than 1% of the account in each operation, for a beginner it should be 0.5% of the total of your account the maximum that you can lose in an operation and to start I would try to go risk 1/2 benefit, having the TP double that of the SL, to start is fine.

This is very true!

When I look at your Assets and Timeframes, I see your average winning trade = 4.96 pips and your average losing trade = 14.28 pips. That means that 1 losing trade will wipe out the profits of 4 winning trades, if you also take transaction costs in account.

Ideally you would want the reverse situation, where 1 winning trade will compensate multiple losing trades.

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Thank you all. This’s very helpful.

I suggest you to lower your risk profile (= reduce sizes) .
With a VaR of 40% it is easy to blow the account because of a bad streak.

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reduce the leverage a little more, since 25% is still high, try to bring it to 10. If you operate with lots of 0.5 reduce it to 0.1. That way you risk less.

Another flaw that I see is that you are violating the closing points, since it is not clear in the chart where you open and where you close, I would think that you are closing as soon as you see green balances and this will lead you to break the account.

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Thank you. I appreciate your help​:bouquet::bouquet:

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