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KZQ - The Darwin managed by ACassano91

Hello to all the Darwinex family,

It was only three months ago that I discovered the Darwinex world and the truth is that this discovery has come at a perfect time for me.

My name is Antonio Ruiz, from Valencia (Spain) and I’ve 28 years old. Although the trading is not my real profession coz I’m lawyer, for more than two years I started to dream about one day maybe I can beat the financial markets. After two years of trial and error, of burning a few accounts, and falling and rising, the Darwinex universe appeared when I had just hit the button to consistently beat the markets.

My Darwin KZQ, Mixed trading system backtested for the last 20 years succesfully, we always look for low drawdown and low risk for the investor, without lose the profitability. It combines scalping operations with some swing operations, always respecting risk management strictly.


Stay tuned because I’m sure my Darwin KZQ is going to be a beast strategy, and I hope we can all benefit from it and make some good money.

Thank you very much to all of you.




Good risk management puts you above average!. I wish you luck.



Thx very much sir!!!