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"LA" calculation

If I have a Average positive excursion per trade of 0.03% and a Average negative excursion per trade of
-0.02 %, how can I have a “La” value of 3.7?


Which darwin are you speaking about?
DMO has 8.2 in LA

This statistic depends on a timeframe you didn’t disclose.

Is that a trading account which is not a Darwin yet? I also couldn’t find these data on your DMO on any timeframe.

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Dear @davidautentico,

As @IlIlIlIlI very well pointed out, please make sure you pick the “12P” timeframe to find your score’s numbers.

I hope this helps!


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Hi ignacio

You’re correct. The very first trade when I was testing last April I had an extreme negative excursion. It seems that is the reason.

@CavaliereVerde it’s not a darwin yet.


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BTW Loss Aversion is calulated on 3P not 12P like most scores, this makes it very unreliable.

The good news (for the provider) is that in this way it improves very fast. :wink: