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Launched: Your Stock DARWIN Open to Investment

DARWINs that include shares as underlyings already admit capital - initially up to 100k per DARWIN.

With this step we endorse the pilot started in April 2019. We’ve confirmed with actual execution data that

  • there is enough liquidity and
  • that the adaptations introduced in the risk manager work well in stocks.


As the DARWINs reach the initial limit of 100k of AuM, we’ll check each case at the request of the manager to determine if we can raise it. In this way we’ll relax restrictions along with limiting potential liquidity problems.


We analysed the performance of the risk manager with stocks over a sample of 3952 months. The actual monthly 95% VaR is 9.95%. The risk manager has been battle-hardened by managing the very high level of volatility we’ve had recently in the markets.

DarwinIA Capital Allocation

Stock DARWINs have been eligible for the monthly capital allocation since October. The opening to third party capital doesn’t change anything. They’ll continue to opt for the allocation under the same conditions.

How to find stock DARWINs

The DARWIN header specifies whether it’s “Stock CFDs” or “Forex, Index CFDs and Commodities”, and we have created a public list that includes the stock DARWINs currently traded on the Exchange.

We’re working to add the type of asset traded as a custom filtering criterion.

Please share all the feedback you can give us about stock DARWINs! We invite you to celebrate with us the evolution they represent for the Alpha movement!


Wow! Sumptuously! :grinning:
A few questions.

  1. Now there are only 37 Darwin on the list. Is it all who trade stocks, or only those who have passed the selection?
  2. If the manager trades in “expensive” shares, for example Amazon, which costs 2300 USD for 1 pc, then what will be the minimum contribution for the investor?

And one request.
Please consider adding Alibaba shares to traded instruments.
This is “The Chinese Amazon” :grinning:


All stock darwins are figuring in the list. There are not many (yet) and among these few, quite a few are not active at this time.

We allow to assign the same minimum (200) to stock DARWINs as to other DARWINs. Investor orders are sent to the market in bulk. If there’s too little investment in a DARWIN to send the order to the market, or for entries and exits when the DARWIN is in an open position, Darwinex acts as counterparty until enough orders come in to go to the market.

Noted by our Operations Team!

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I guess i’ll eventually start trading my stocks here to then.

Is there any idea about when i can access OMX30 Swedish stocks to trade? or are they already there?

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The current offering includes the 250 most liquid US stock CFDs.

While Swedish stocks might become tradable via the Interactive Brokers integration, it’s yet to be seen if they’re liquid enough for DARWINs.

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Good news. But only until toxicity will become a biggest issue there. Darwinex conditions on Stock CFD are very very good, it’s almost same as stock spreads themselves, and commissions are fair, maybe not for scalping but for day-trading with more expensive and volatile stocks, not with 10$ 5 tick movers.