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Link to Darwin's Topic on Darwin's Page

Many Darwins already have topics at Community forum about themselves. I think, it will be usefull to add ablity put a link into Darwin’s Page to corresponding topic. It may be separate field or part of ‘Information about the darwin’s UTS’.
Now I can do something like this:

but it demands some efforts to come on a Community forum and to find there the necessary topic.


Yes, something releated to this:

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An elegant solution would be a little preformatted panel with fields to compile and put a link to an external site and to the community topic.


I nearly made a new topic for this! But i am just going to bump this up! I would like this, it just gives benefits…

  1. Investors would get more informations
  2. More investors & traders would use the community part
  3. Traders could reach more people with the additional informations
  4. Better communication in general

I so agree with these posts and can’t believe they’re as old as four years.
It’s SO helpful to be able to get the same sort of visibility and access as we can on Etoro.
Please consider enabling us to communicate more easily with the Darwins!

Thanx for appreciating this community! :slight_smile:

I am on eToro since 2012 and on Darwinex since 2015 .
eToro is organized as a social network, 99% of the content is completely useless, pure spam generated by wannabe popular investors.

As you can see what we were requesting 4 years ago has been implemented.
In descriptions now there are links to this community and to external sites.
I can’t immagine how to furtherly increase the communication between traders and investors.

But whilst I like the community forum, I still want to see a summary of the trader’s profile and be able to communicate there. It’s a bit like going to the supermarket and then being told you have to pop down the road to the corner shop for some items… Customer journey is not so good.

Etoro have it nailed in that department and I think both traders and investors would welcome an overhaul by Darwinex in the communication arena.