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Links in Darwins' descriptions


I would like to suggest two things.

When clicking in links that are located in darwin descriptions the link is open in the same tab you are, so basically it takes you out from darwinex.
Suggestion: Add the _blank tag to the link in order to open the link in another tab/window, this increase user experience in my opinion and is the way to treat external links in most of the sites in the world.

Second suggestion, when clicking these links I think there should be a warning saying that you are leaving darwinex and that this could be dangerous… I mean, right now it seems I can put a link shortened to hide the url leading to a scam page that downloads malware automatically… as far as I know darwinex does not check these links in descriptions, right? That is fair enough, but at least, I think a warning would be ok for the average user.
Users are very naive regarding links and this is a financial site that has to be extra careful.
Just my 2 cents here.


100% agreed with suggestion #1! Will keep the community posted on any news.