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List of instruments eligible for DARWIN creation?

Is there anywhere such (updated) summary ?




The list would be so long, it’s easier to mention the exceptions. They’re mentioned in the article How to create a DARWIN.

Once you have a live Darwinex MT4/MT5 account that trades Forex, indices, commodities or stocks* (you cannot create a DARWIN from Metatrader accounts which trade cryptocurrencies), the “Create DARWIN” button will appear on the strategy’s analysis page (…)

Nevertheless, if you didn’t find it, we probably should create a specific article replying to this question. Stay tuned!


Thank you for finding and reporting this!


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Thank you @bianka !

Unless I’m wrong, I’ve seen, in the past, previous versions (of other pages) where exceptions were “missing” : as DAX / GDAXI before its availability last year.

One example where IBEX / SPA35 exception isn’t mentioned :

Anyway, thanks for the answer : now I’m aware of the updated exceptions :slight_smile: !

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We’ve reviewed the help articles again considering this feedback. Thanks again and please, keep the feedback coming!