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Live: DARWIN Checkout

Today we’re rolling out an individual check-out page for every DARWIN on the Exchange.

A DARWIN check-out is a dedicated funnel for a DARWIN provider to on-board Friends & Family AuM to their DARWIN conveniently, legally and effectively. In this topic we:

  1. Describe the Check-out feature (v1.0)
  2. Explain why managers sourcing Friends & Family AuM build TRUST
  3. Would like to gather your feedback for the next iteration of the feature

DARWIN Check-out - WhatIzIt???

The DARWIN check-out is step 3 in your budding Asset Manager career after:

  1. Becoming a DARWIN manager and
  2. Landing your seminal Darwinia seed capital

It’s designed for you to learn pitching to investors by starting with the most friendly investor audience you’ll ever have: your friends and family. And it works by showcasing your DARWIN:

  • On mobile
  • Simply: it showcases only the information a new investor expects before committing capital (=trust!) to an investment product.
  • To the Point: your father-in-law will just see a clear call to invest (demo, for the time being), and 3 clicks after your DARWIN is in his demo portfolio
  • Ideally Forever: Your friends and Family will safely carry you in their “Darwinex for investors” Android / iOS app - track.

Whether or not they eventually add to their investment = TRUST is now 100% up to you.

How to Use It?

  1. Find your check-out URL in the sharing settings of your DARWIN page.
  2. Have a look at it and please share your feedback here. Request features, react to what others requestand we’ll add them to the next evolution of the check-out!
  3. Join the channel #marketyouralpha we’ve created in the Darwinex Collective Slack space and share your experiences and questions there with other members.


If you’re unsure about the legal status when pitching to your investors, watch this brief explanatory video that covers why you’re squarely on the right side of legality and morality. In short, you’re safe as long as you don’t pitch your DARWIN “by way of business”. You can pitch it in your private circles but when you mention it on a public forum (your website, social media, YouTube, etc.) you should always clarify that you’re not giving investment advice. Again, post any questions here and we’ll be happy to clarify.

DARWIN Check-out - Why?

Darwinex fast-tracks manager “investability” because the faster managers mature, the better for them, investors, Darwinex and the broader Alpha eco-system.

Alas, most managers equate “investable = building a good track-record”… and yet this is only part of the equation. Moreover, it may not even be the most important part - if it were, most hedge Funds wouldn’t fail for operational failures or lack of investor capital.

This makes Investor AuM - NOT performance - the ONE thing that makes everything else either much simpler or unnecessary for an aspiring hedge fund manager, because:

  • Investor AuM generate revenues,
  • Revenues
    • Buy you time and peace of mind to profit when markets move
    • Pay for cheap and scalable processes

Our Fintech facilitates your ONE thing through:

  1. The “Fin” layer -> our trading charges include regulatory cover to monetize Investor AuM
  2. The “Tech” layer -> our tech stack powers a Hedge Fund as a Service (Prime Broker, Front, Middle & Back-office technology) at 0 up-front or fix running costs

And here’s where you come in - for you to reap investor AuM, you must first seed TRUST.

How to source Investor AuM?

That’s precisely the WRONG question to be asking. Investor AuM is the outcome of a process fuelled by investor confidence - which is an asset you build one step at a time, in an endless manager tit for investor tat improvement loop:

  • Tit: Manager delivers performance (= builds trust)
  • Tat: Investors increase allocation (= rewards trust)
  • Repeat

Note that it’s tough to get going, but also investor AuM are so powerful because they beget a self-fulfilling prophecy:

  • the more investor AuM, the more revenue per unit of Alpha,
  • the more time & inner-confidence invested in your Alpha, the more robust your Alpha, the more AuM, repeat.

Like everything in life, the toughest step is not the last, but the first. When it comes to landing your first EUR/GBP/USD under management - note the infinite distance between

  1. Almost trusting = almost investing and
  2. not investing = not trusting

Introducing the DARWIN Check-out

The only way to overcome this chasm is layer by layer

  • One: De-couple your “manager” self from your “investor” self - which makes you your first investor in yourself. This is the first milestone in your Alpha Race.
  • Two: Every DARWIN is eligible for Darwinia, which lines you up nicely for the next Layer - Darwinex backs you with their capital, because you backed yourself
  • Three: Cherish your DARWIN, because it’s designed from the ground up to get you from
    • Your first 2 (yourself + Darwinia)
    • Your first 3 investor

That’s right.

If you want anyone to trust you, start by trusting yourself, do your best to deliver on that trust, and the rest will follow. This is the reason why Darwinex will expect you to back yourself first, before Darwinia backs you - and then you’ll have to leverage your Check-out to legally go pitch your Friends & Family: after all, if they don’t trust you, neither will anyone else in the world.

I hope you find this new feature interesting and please do give us all the feedback you can!


TIT FOR TAT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Done intentionally to punish other people because they have done something unpleasant to you:

This is a very strange expression to use in your post.

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Tit for Tat as in game theory. We’ll include a link if this was not clear. Thank you for sharing your concern!

What a great additional channel to the platform. Well done all involved.



Looks good. Great addition. Should prove useful.

*Noticed on the monthly calendar section it says DIC instead of DEC

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Put your parents where your mouth is!

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Great feature. Not sure about use of the word ‘gotten’. Also the last 2 sections don’t look great certainly not compared to the rest of the page which looks v. professional.

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@PegasusFX4 @StokesBay thank you for the corrections and suggestions, very appreciated!

Noting no mention of D-score or indeed any Darwinex attributes on this funnel page. Which is nice!


I’d imagine a photo of the manager on their landing page would be assuring to family and friends. Optional of course but it’s the little things that make a difference.

Captain Currency


Love that, great idea.

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:point_up:t2: And coloring the circle with the color of your Darwin’s circle… it’s a small detail but it also counts.

“Excellence is in the details.”
–Barbra Streisand


Thank you for improving your services! :star_struck:


Good work :+1: many thanks all Darwinex team.


@jechearte Another great and very welcome feature.

But just one remark (Maybe @bianka at help):
Why not keep the #marketyouralpha topics here in the ‘Community Forum’? I always considered the Darwinex Collective ‘Slack Space’ as a ‘real’ technical space only. With all the issues/topics there centered around 'running code’.

Now the Community Forum here is much more centered around reviews, discussions, opinions, etc …

Including even some maybe ‘over the top’ discussions, but I think - and I had sometimes really a hard time to reassure me :wink: - it IS great to have this all ‘close’ to Darwinex in a public, ‘branded’ space.

So, at the moment, I think there is no need to diverge this to another place. Or did I miss something?
Anyway, just my 2¢.


hi there,
if possible, I will suggest that Darwinex, should provide this tool, as a portfolio of Darwins of a trader that are investable in Darwinex platform, and that the trader can join/remove from it… by different strategies/ diversification, etc. during the time that his Darwins stay in platform as investable assets, there are many reasons behind this ideia, but the most important is the ability of a trader “show” to their investors how he think is better to invest on him as trader, like 1 Darwin only in certain times, 2 Darwins in others like 75%/25%, etc, etc.
Many thanks,

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Thank you all for your comments and ideas. Many of them are already in our backlog. The main objective of the product team is to build features that help you grow as DARWIN managers, and it’s very motivating to hear from you that we are going in the right direction.


Gotta love the CheckOut feature! - Good job, Darwinex! - :slight_smile: - Idea: How about PDFs that can even be printed by motivated Darwin-Managers, like with a represantive report and some statistics that have a layout similar to those pretty CheckOut webpages? - There is nothing like a nice, glossy, colourful brochure with nice graphs and tables to attract “best agers” as investors, I think. Tactile sense approaching. - :wink: - Also, I’d love to have a Darwinex T-Shirt - is there any chance to get one? - :smiley: - Cheers from Germany! - Rock on!