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Live: DARWIN Checkout


Looks good. Great addition. Should prove useful.

*Noticed on the monthly calendar section it says DIC instead of DEC

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Put your parents where your mouth is!

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Great feature. Not sure about use of the word ‘gotten’. Also the last 2 sections don’t look great certainly not compared to the rest of the page which looks v. professional.

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@PegasusFX4 @StokesBay thank you for the corrections and suggestions, very appreciated!

Noting no mention of D-score or indeed any Darwinex attributes on this funnel page. Which is nice!


I’d imagine a photo of the manager on their landing page would be assuring to family and friends. Optional of course but it’s the little things that make a difference.

Captain Currency


Love that, great idea.

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:point_up:t2: And coloring the circle with the color of your Darwin’s circle… it’s a small detail but it also counts.

“Excellence is in the details.”
–Barbra Streisand


Thank you for improving your services! :star_struck:


Good work :+1: many thanks all Darwinex team.


@jechearte Another great and very welcome feature.

But just one remark (Maybe @bianka at help):
Why not keep the #marketyouralpha topics here in the ‘Community Forum’? I always considered the Darwinex Collective ‘Slack Space’ as a ‘real’ technical space only. With all the issues/topics there centered around 'running code’.

Now the Community Forum here is much more centered around reviews, discussions, opinions, etc …

Including even some maybe ‘over the top’ discussions, but I think - and I had sometimes really a hard time to reassure me :wink: - it IS great to have this all ‘close’ to Darwinex in a public, ‘branded’ space.

So, at the moment, I think there is no need to diverge this to another place. Or did I miss something?
Anyway, just my 2¢.


hi there,
if possible, I will suggest that Darwinex, should provide this tool, as a portfolio of Darwins of a trader that are investable in Darwinex platform, and that the trader can join/remove from it… by different strategies/ diversification, etc. during the time that his Darwins stay in platform as investable assets, there are many reasons behind this ideia, but the most important is the ability of a trader “show” to their investors how he think is better to invest on him as trader, like 1 Darwin only in certain times, 2 Darwins in others like 75%/25%, etc, etc.
Many thanks,

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Thank you all for your comments and ideas. Many of them are already in our backlog. The main objective of the product team is to build features that help you grow as DARWIN managers, and it’s very motivating to hear from you that we are going in the right direction.


Gotta love the CheckOut feature! - Good job, Darwinex! - :slight_smile: - Idea: How about PDFs that can even be printed by motivated Darwin-Managers, like with a represantive report and some statistics that have a layout similar to those pretty CheckOut webpages? - There is nothing like a nice, glossy, colourful brochure with nice graphs and tables to attract “best agers” as investors, I think. Tactile sense approaching. - :wink: - Also, I’d love to have a Darwinex T-Shirt - is there any chance to get one? - :smiley: - Cheers from Germany! - Rock on!


Really like the checkout page. Well done!
Only one note: is it possible in the future to make the URL shorter? It takes pretty much almost all the characters available to share on Twitter.


Thanks Darwinex, this is great! A WP plugin and/or widget as well at some point would be brilliant…

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Thank you for the feedback @quant! Fully agree with you in creating a #marketyouralpha tag here on the forum.

As to the relation between this space and the Slack channel, it’s work-in-progress but I’d say the directionality is from Slack to Community forum and not the other other way round. I think it will be easier for newcomers to enter the Slack channel first and then from there they can jump on to the forum.

Firstly, well done with the page! It looks really slick and professional.

Secondly, I think Slack is a great addition to the forum. Investors can basically get a little 1 on 1 with the Darwin managers should the need arise.

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