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Live: DARWIN Checkout

Really like the checkout page. Well done!
Only one note: is it possible in the future to make the URL shorter? It takes pretty much almost all the characters available to share on Twitter.


Thanks Darwinex, this is great! A WP plugin and/or widget as well at some point would be brilliant…

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Thank you for the feedback @quant! Fully agree with you in creating a #marketyouralpha tag here on the forum.

As to the relation between this space and the Slack channel, it’s work-in-progress but I’d say the directionality is from Slack to Community forum and not the other other way round. I think it will be easier for newcomers to enter the Slack channel first and then from there they can jump on to the forum.

Firstly, well done with the page! It looks really slick and professional.

Secondly, I think Slack is a great addition to the forum. Investors can basically get a little 1 on 1 with the Darwin managers should the need arise.

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Hi @FedericoSellitti

Here is your shortened link: …


Great, thanks :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! @FedericoSellitti

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Quick update: we’ve recorded a short video about the compliance issues around any Darwin provider informing their friends and family circle that they are available for purchase.

Remember: when in doubt, ask! :smiley:


Overall great feature.

One important comment: in the profitability calculator return is calculated not from the chosen date but from the date of migration which is misleading.


Indeed very important issue :+1:! We’re already working on preventing users to select a date prior to the DARWIN’s creation.


We’ve improved copies and the last 2 sections. I hope you like it better now!

This is fixed now. Thank you all for your patience!