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LSC – CavaliereVerde

@CavaliereVerde, well done! This is what i like to see on traders , average winning/losing position and average winning/losing trade. It shows that you have a very good risk management take place. Congrats!:smiley:


Also I like to see traders with a performance of 10 like you! :smiley:

Speaking of average win/loss I found that it works for trendtrading.
For mean reverting you need an average loss higher than the average win,
as you can see in my other system KVL.


Interesting point. If so, I will need to revise my portfolio selection strategy.
I guess I may need to use different sets of filters depending on the type of strategy I am looking for.
I would like a mix of different types of strategy to increase diversification; as different strategies tend to perform better or worse depending on market cycles.

I think your way of splitting different strategies into separate Darwins helps a lot with this as it will mean I am comparing like with like when using a particular set of filters.


… and that will be my idea for a “discretionary” diversified portfolio. :wink:
Using timing and scalability to select different kind of traders.

Updated description.

I think stopping my LSC in December would be a very bad idea … :wink:

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After some months I want to point out the damage done to my fund caused by the decision of Darwinex to reduce leverage of the Darwins before and after the Brexit.

This is the strategy:

And this is the darwin:

This missing high produced the connection of two different drawdowns, worsening the quality and the RAR of my darwin.

Unfortunatelly problems didn’t end with the Brexit, let’s consider the last 6 months…

-9% versus +3%

Equity curves are not so different but on the long run the risk manager is worsening my performance, despite a stable risk profile and a good Risk Management score.

This is why I am waiting for a better risk manager and for new darwins.

I am a little disappointed for this big drawdown of January and February.
I am trying to reduce the rollercoasting of LSC in two ways:

  1. Increasing the robustness of some parameter sets that were optimized on a too small sample of trades.

  2. Introducing some mean reverting strategies running on m15, these are running with very small sizes but forward results are very encouraging. :slight_smile:


Keep it up men @CavaliereVerde ,
some pairs seems to go anywhere in the last month. Enduring moments like this show your perseverance and discipline, you are doing a great ALGO JOB. BTW. humble opinion, Pure LongTerm T.F. strategies are like this, in those periods you loss but when you are in healthy Trends also some TPs could overtakes large parts of losses :+1: .

Look Forward for Good Trends .



After two weeks of Reloaded I can state that I am very satisfied with the reloaded LSC.
I know that past is a model but there is no more deterioration of run ups and the “afterbrexit” profit is back at its right place on the equity curve of the darwin.
No more adjusted positions with a system that has Risk Stability as a flag.

I am satisfied also of my work concerning the tweaks done 2 months ago, parameters seem to be more robust and in sync with the markets.


Really brutal this fall!

Is this an aberration of the platform or is it consistent with your trading account?

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It is a bug :smiley:
The return from origin is 28% as usual, I think it is a bug caused by WE.
If you look to the chart there is a spike to +40% and a spike back, nothing real…


Yesterday everything was normal.
Now also D-Score spiked to 58 while one hour ago it was 50… :smiley:
I think tech guys are at work, I leave them work. :wink:

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I thought your comment on the march of your Darwin did not fit with such a fall :wink:

I first saw my Darwins, but they are not impacted.

I also sometimes have curious spykes on the curve of my investor portfolio. Already before reloaded.

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Looks like LSC got a bit carried away when @CavaliereVerde gave it the latest lecture over dinner time:

“Now you listen to me Mr. LSC… I need you to trade consistently under any and ALL market conditions… kapeesh?”

LSC: "yes sirreee… you got it boss! All market conditions, open or closed market doesn’t matter… Got it. :thumbsup: "



Now the gap is reduced to -2% but my current total return should be higher, more than 30%.
Here you can see that my equity is at a level higher that 22 March.

The chart of the darwin corresponds to the quote reached before the gap.

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Just noticed a similar gap with JCW, so I think that there are some issues with the displayed quote for swing traders that are always at market.

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i think it is normal now. :sweat_smile:

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Hi guys!

We have noticed these jumps when users keep browsers open for a long time. While we are working on it, please note that it should be fixed as soon as you refresh your browser (F5).

We’ll keep you posted!