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Make Darwinex Go VIRAL!

Howdy everyone! I just wanted to make a post addressing something that I would like Darwinex, as well as the larger community to take into consideration. I am genuinely enjoying the Darwinex experience as I am sure many of you all are. As far as social trading goes, I am convinced that Darwinex holds an edge over it’s competitors in the field, however, it is not near as populated as many of the other brokerages are! I am aware that Darwinex likes to position itself above the fray of brokerages that have affiliates promoting their platform in endless droves like “sheep to the slaughter” and, that’s quite noble BUT… therein lies the fault. When you have a superior system, why not shout it from the rooftops?!

Don’t get me wrong, I too LOATHE the endless ranks of affiliates that mislead folks and attest to endless riches if you simply “click the link” and sign up but, I would much rather have those lost folks here than elsewhere. Darwinex has so many tools that could help folks make informed decisions regarding the world of trading. Darwinex would actually be doing the wider world a massive favour by expanding it’s affiliate programme. Of course keep it within the ranks of people that are ACTUALLY invested in Darwinex. We could all share our successes on social media or if folks have blogs or websites. Why not?

Currently Darwinex’s system of promotion reserved for members of our community isn’t worth bothering with. Not bashing the fine folks at Darwinex. I truly love what you are doing…just being honest. I have a blog and a following from another platform and everytime someone clicks on my link OR at the end of every single month, I have to change my links! People won’t promote under such conditions… hell, I’ve given up! It’s just too hard and not worth doing.

I really would like to know what is wrong with THIS scenario? One that would benefit every single person at Darwinex… trader, investor and broker alike…
IF you are invested in Darwinex and you so choose to actively promote this wonderful platform, you are provided a link (that doesn’t change) and you can actively share your Darwinex experience with the wider world. No matter if it’s a trader or an investor that joins, you could get some sort of residual benefit from their continued success while on Darwinex.

I would REALLY love to tell the world about Darwinex but, you have to give folks a reason to want to! To be honest, there are inferior platforms out there that are raking in people by the droves and there is no doubt in my mind that they would CERTAINLY be better off here, where we ALL benefit!

Would love to know what you all think. Happy Trading to you all! :slight_smile: xxx

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Sorry my england is not very good, if I understand you correctly, you love Darwinex, and you want to promote it to the world, but you want to get paid doing it. And you suggest Darwinex to pay some advertising fee to people like you to promote their platform?

People like me? Huh? People like ALL of us! Darwinex pays for advertising. Who are the best advertisers? Us…folks that love the platform.

Sorry for my inglish

I also love Darwinex and I promote it for free, if they offered me money to advertise them, I honestly would not accept it, I hope to win a Darwinia, and one day invite Darwinex workers to have some beers

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Well, I would imagine the overwhelming majority of us are promoting it for free because everyone’s links are expired and no one can seriously be bothered by renewing them. Very noble of you to promote it for free. How many folks have you brought on board? Imagine if everyone would find it worthwhile to promote? More people, more talent and exchanging of ideas… just saying xxx

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Perhaps that could be it, I just know that even oRote has a partners programme and they should both be under the same jurisdiction I would assume.

Looks likeDarwinex had it and suspended it for any reason. Maybe it is not allowed anymore in Europe. Let’s wait for Brexit … :wink:

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