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Manifesto "AaaS"

Hello all,

Let us express our message we’d like to address to all Darwinex community : staff & members.

We know Darwinex / Tradeslide, since a few years ago. We tracked and followed up their evolution.

Their core concept immediately caught our eye : to assetize traders.

The (new) members tend to forget it (or perhaps, aren’t even conscious of…), but, yes, this is their core concept.

A quick reminder with their last short video :

Any trader that focused on business development of his/her activity, perfectly knows how important is such concept in such professional area (finance).

Therefore, Darwinex developed its concept providing the infrastructure : HFaaS (“Hedge-Fund-as-a-Service”) model.

The move is very interesting : indeed, as traders, we need a house, with a manager that relieves us from all the (legal, administrative, etc.) burden.

Now that foundations are settled, we need to act and participate in such adventure :slight_smile: !

Let us define and refine what we intend exactly to :

We observed, gathered and analyzed all the daily messages/threads, within this community forum.

Don’t misunderstand us : this is not a moral lesson, we are all in the same boat :slight_smile: ….

Our intention, with this manifesto, is to level up our participation here, in order to let investors (and other traders) discover our mind / business culture and, obviously, develop our business activity :).

Amongst the thousands of messages here, we focused our attention on some points :

- Traders that are desperate / « angry » about investments rollercoasters (we won’t quote any example :slight_smile: …)
- The overall « bad mood » / deception about global portfolio / DARWIN returns (example)
- The one and only goal of any investor : pure return / performance (example)

If you closely analyze it, you can notice that all these ingredients are intrinsically linked.

The best move we could suggest is to do our best to enhance / fix the recipe :slight_smile: !

Here is the nucleus of this manifesto :

Act ethically : don’t act as the awful maintenance services provider that only is eager to get the 36-months contract firmed in order to take a rest during large months (as money is already flooding…)…

Act professionally : don’t act as the worker that also sells you repairs from another skills area…

Act as an expert : provide your best skills when customer needs it.

Service : your master word.

Behind this acrostic, relies our main message : develop the AaaS (“Asset-as-a-Service”) model.

If Darwinex provides us the infrastructure (HFaaS), we are committed to provide the asset (AaaS).

But, take a step back, and really think about the core definition of an asset. Once did, refine it to understand the depth of « AaaS » model.

To “put our money where our mouth is”, as the saying goes, and to apply our own recommendations, let us announce that we’ll soon release a public tool as our offer / suggestion to « fix the recipe » :slight_smile: ! Please, don’t expect any Holy Grail (as it doesn’t exist :slight_smile: …), just our mere contribution :).

As we don’t want to go off-topic in this thread, we don’t disclose here more technical details about such tool, but keep in mind that we’ll transpose it to a Live Portfolio, with a constant updated thread, for easy use by community.

We sincerely hope you’ll catch the nucleus of our message :).

Have a nice day.



Disclaimer / Risk Warning : The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


@DarwinexLabs published a tweet that gives an example of the way we suggest to pave for it (as the tool we’re currently working on) :

Here it is :

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