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MDU - Elpredador

Hi I’m actor Troy McClure. You might remember me from…. just kidding. Im predator75, I was very active in Hispanic forums. I started trading since 2011, and during this time, even with breaks due to circumstances of life, I have not stopped being interested in trading.

Anyway, I present a darwin that to date is the one that has the best results. It is recent, it only has 7 months, of which I would consider the last 3 relevant.

The reason why I am encouraged to create a darwin is because I tried my luck investing in different darwins with good past results, only to start having bad results as I invest in them. Sometimes they were martingales that failed miserably, whose spectacular results had been imported from another broker (surely someone of you has invested in this type of darwin).

In short, the darwins that seemed profitable enough for the results I was looking for, ended up being a waste of time and money.

For all this I decided to create my own darwin, knowing that I can be profitable, and to have total control of my capital.

What type of investor is this darwin for?

It is very simple, for anyone looking for totally passive dividends without any worries. Is not that the goal of buying darwins? Because if I wanted to make a lot of money in a very complicated way, I could create a company!

This darwin is not a martingale or similar system, it will never give surprises or worries if you decide to invest in it. It is a fully automatic system based on volatility, with perfectly defined exit rules and stop loss, and the same for your take profit.

You can check all this by analyzing their evolution and all the available information, and if you know how the martingales work, you will see that the data of this darwin have nothing to do with it.

I encourage you to join me with this darwin so promising and help you grow while you report benefits.


Hey, elpredator here, call me John.

The Darwin continues to rise adequately.

As the drawdown is adequate, the risk per operation has been doubled, then the valleys and tops of the darwin curve should be more pronounced.

It has also been observed that the “Cs” note was not being adequate, therefore the closing criteria have been optimized, and the note should increase, together with the overall profitability.

Risk is going to 1% per trade.

As we are having incredible results and the logic is correct, making it safe that we will continue with these results, if no better, we are in the quest of creating a formalized society in the US (we are from Spain) and straight to Wall Street. Anyone knows how to do this?

Anyways, in October we will have a enterprise account here in Darwinex, website and some more in-depth about our trading style.

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