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MDU - Elpredador

Today is a good day for MDU, which maintains a profit of 8.20% in the first days of December, total profit of 32.81%

Thanks to all investors for trusting this project, your loyalty is rewarded with wealth.

We use these benefits to continue improving our algorithms and analyze other markets outside of forex.

We may in the future expand our investments to other more physical assets, such as cars, properties …

Let me make a personal appeal to all those who are undecided:

I encourage you to participate in this project. We have come to stay, we are not a coincidence that will disappear in a while, since we are not any type of martingale. We have come to stay and to create a project, a project of wealth and possibilities.

Collaborate with us, invest that money that is not generating benefits and we will grow together.

Greetings from the MDU team.

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MDU is currently enjoying the highest monthly benefit in its history with 10.09% this December!

Will the shooting star be on our side this Christmas?

Merry Christmas from the team.


This week brexit related affairs will bring volatility, and volatility means MONEY.

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How are you doing? To us very well.

The small experience note is ballasting all the others, since we perform few very good operations.

Why perform 100 operations when 20 of them will be successful?

Within the process of developing a strategy, there is the optimization phase, in which low probability operations are discarded. Better 30 operations and 20 of success. Less commission, less risk.

The experience note will inevitably increase and the other real notes will begin to be discovered.

I encourage anyone who doubts the system, to find some inconsistency, so I can laugh at it.

Hi @Elpredador,

First of all, I want to say I think your system is really good.
Average loss = 11.81 pips and Average win = 75.37 pips means you have an excellent grasp of Risk Management.

But you challenged the community to find some inconsistency and I can’t resist a good challenge :slight_smile:

How do you justify these statements if your winrate is only 21.62% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am trying to explain the fundamental concept by which Darwin has low experience.

We are very conservative when making investments.

PWe understand that swaps and commission play an important role in the final results. In addition, a form of psychological protection is to limit the number of trades since the greater the number of operations , the more dopamine is released in the brain and therefore a large number of operations tend to create the situation in which the pleasure of opening operations becomes the foundation of the investment and not the results of these operations.

Nothing of interest this week; I suppose that nobody at the ECB wants to go to chat at Christmas, so we stay to next week’s expectation.

Good morning to all investors.

We announce that we are testing new markets in which to invest.

This new year 2020 is loaded with surprises and wealth. Thanks for trusting us.

In the task of improving my service and learning from the competition, I must say that to this day I have not found a single darwin that has no hint of martingale and similar techniques.

Check my message history to discover all scammers; I am asking everyone for explanations, and they do not provide a factual argument.

Can you find me a martingale in LVS or ZXW ?

Please specify first what you mean as similar techniques:

Averaging down?

I would also like to know how you recognize a martingale.

You are very welcome to my thread about my system :stuck_out_tongue:


Or mine :slight_smile:

Looks like you’re not searching hard enough…


Good morning to investors, we have decided to open a position given the result of the FOMC meeting.

mdu increases its profit to a close 40% with a modest 9% drawdown, a ratio of 1 to 4. soon we will announce the markets in which we will raise the possibility of investment, greetings.

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lately there is little volatility, let’s see if the Chinese new year boosts the markets.

We are currently experiencing a drawdown, this is the best time to invest, mdu is cheap now!

Hello everyone, after this drawdown and the worst month in the entire history of Darwin, we have closed an operation with a profit of approximately 15%, which translates into 5% in the Darwin, and we have indications to think that the drawdown has finished.

While one of our investors has decided to leave, we fully understand this decision, however I would like to comment on something that can be of help to everyone, both investors and traders:

What makes us winners in MDU is not the complexity of the system, we use very basic and chewed principles, but the base, which is the secret of success. Patience and confidence in the system, not changing the variables motivated by the panic of a drawdown, drawdown that can last a month as in this case, or even months.

The principles that all trading books deal with are what works, the basics, the simple.

The problem of the trading community in general is the same that occurs in all those communities where there are economic interests. I am a weightlifting fan myself, and we find the same situation: an infinite amount of variables that distract from the fundamental. In trading, there are thousands of indicators, in the gym, thousands of variations of exercises, however what generates hypertrophy is to focus on basic exercises and progress in them; What works is the boring road.

In the same way, a person can master a simple system of trend breaks, and if he stays ferrous in the moments of drawdown and changes absolutely nothing, then he will win. On the other hand we have people who using hundreds of colorful indicators and changing them at the slightest opportunity, do not understand why they lose.

In short, my advice is that you have to go from distractions and identify the boring and solid principles that work, which are usually the simplest.


At these dates we have been making previously tested adjustments and we hope that the results from now on will be superior.

We have optimized the entries based on the history, and increased the take profit, stop is the same.

As an investor, you can expect from now, that there may be longer periods without benefit, but when the benefit occurs, it will be greater, and in the long term the results will be superior.

We have avoided investing in these uncertain times,but since the economy is slowly re-emerging, we have decided to return.


hey there, new update:

maybe you have seen a reduction of money in the account, and since some people fear that when money is taken out, something bad happens, I must clarify:

It is due to the halving of bitcoin; we operate in different markets and since it is going to happen in 6 days, we have taken out some money to invest in it; As soon as the bitcoin investment ends, the money will return to Darwin’s account.

Cheers, Manuela.

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