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Metatrader 5, Welcome!

Thanks for your swift reply, @Shivank.

As far as I know, my colleagues in the Operations team are working to offer stocks on MT4, too.

The reason why assets are split among different trading account groups is mainly the ability to create a DARWIN out of the systems.

If you were “just” interested in having a live trading account with all our assets, that’s sth we could do. However, I am afraid it would not be possible to list a DARWIN out of such a strategy, the reason being that the risk manager behaves differently in case of fx or equities because of the different risks involved in each case.

We take note of the feedback, though, in an ideal world we should be able to offer all the assets under account.

Thank you!


What about having accounts compatible with both mt4 and mt5 ?

I remember to have read on metaquotes site that mt5 should be able to work also on mt4 accounts.

Now if I want to improve my trading on LSC and KVL I am forced to work with mt4 while I prefer to develop new strategies on mt5.

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Thanks, @CavaliereVerde!

If MetaQuotes enable that option, we’ll be happy to enable that on our end too, of course.

I think there are some “non-official” MT5 to MT4 / MT4 to MT5 copiers, but I am not aware of any MetaQuotes official tool, though :frowning:

Please do keep us posted should you have more news in this regard!

Not a tradecopier but mt5 connecting to a mt4 account.

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Yes, I know what you meant, no worries. Sorry for my poor explanation.

My point was: I don’t know about an official solution to connect your MT4 to Mt5 or the other way round. The only workaround I know about is the existence of non-official trade copiers.


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This is an important question and it has already been asked in this discussion.
The fact is that Metatrader is the standard for retail trading, not FIX but Metatrader.
To be honest MT5 is quite a good platform, probably Metaquotes should create some quality plugins to please discretionary traders and acheive what they can find using cTrader or NinjaTrader.

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Following the discussion with @CavaliereVerde, I read all this thread (with all its fuss & mess :sweat_smile:…).

I wonder if there’s a Darwinex update about this crucial matter (DARWIN MT4 migration) ? :



Hi there!

Unfortunately, we don’t have more information about this.

Meanwhile, we have published several videos talking about MQL4 to MQL5 migration.

Thanks @miguelrDarwinex for this clarification.

I don’t want to rub salt in the wound but can’t avoid to think how awful it would be if MT4 DARWINs won’t be migrated :sweat_smile:

Thanks again.


I think it is a no-problem.
Trackrecords are just tables/csv no rocket science…

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I’m referring to some underground matters we wouldn’t be aware of…

If so, why Darwinex couldn’t yet answer to it clearly ?

Hope you get my point :slight_smile: .


@CavaliereVerde the Discourse versions log is gone ? I erased this very message by mistake and cannot retrieve its previous content

edit : sorry I distorded the course of the dialogue now


Hi @EvidenceAlpha!

Although it may seem like minor things, creating a DARWIN, participating in DarwinIA and trading shares is not “minor”.

Although we ALL want everything now, unfortunately, this is not doable :see_no_evil:

Meanwhile, we continue developing and launching products and improvements :grin:


I think the reason of @EvidenceAlpha comment was that he hies waiting for more platforms besides mt5 because more platforms were announced more than one year ago . :smile_cat:
Conversely even full support to mt5 is still missing.

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I acknowledge that Darwinex actively progresses through many evolutions. Overall, the announced roadmap is followed and some joyful surprises outside of it also occur.
It just happened that I waited for the features that will be treated last

I recently decided : no more anticipation. Match my needs with what’s available in the present moment.
Yesterday, I sold my NinjaTrader licence (one that could have been used with CQG, so this setup is past me forever) to a manager from Wikifolio who is trading with IB.
I decided I will use SierraChart only from now on, whatever the consequences. It is the only platform of platforms tool that I see fit to suit my current and long-term plans without hitting a wall.

I’ll try to link it to access Darwins/DarwinIA, which undoubtly is the main attractor concept of Darwinex that prevails. There are potentially a couple various ways to do it. I started to experiment. First straight-forward trial (LMAX/SC to MT) is a failure (too many bugs from Duplikum, left unfixed after reports), but I’ve got 3-4 other routes to explore (dual login futures on MT5 then locally copied, custom API work, mix of piping together), more or less complex/technical. At least, I now only count on myself for time resolution, staying realistic (Cavalier ‘s advice), I came to the conclusion (partly from watching the Uncut video series), that trading partners will stay complementary. The closest non uthopic solution to being ideal is to chain link the strengths of several companies, not expect that one does it all.


Yes CavalierVerde, that’s what I implicitly meant. More like 3 years than 1

Again, I’m not blaming Darwinex. From having overseen other projects, I knew from the start that everything would take a lot more time than anticipated/announced, also that the priority order may not be mine. If only, I managed at cheating myself. I’m now taking action on this mistake (custom exit, freed of concentration dependency also)

I remain thankful of Darwinex for the always open, honest (even when unpleasant or counter-commercial), respectful (against tough customers or prospective) communications, which is not that common in the industry.

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If you want to work with darwinex you have to gear up and design a setup using what you have now.
We have understood that darwinex is very slow with this kind of improvements.
If anyone tells me “I am working on X” I am expecting X after one year otherwise I feel a bit teased.
I am also very happy about Darwinex but it would be good to know what can we expect to happen next quarter and next year.
Everything beyond is just a longterm plan ( = dream ) that has a low impact on our goal to make money.


I am hoping I can ask this question in this thread also seeing as those who have answered/replied may have a better understanding of why I am asking this question.

I currently trade using cTrader. My broker also offers MT4 and MT5. I have never traded live using MT, only in demo. Obviously with Darwinex I am going to have to trade live using either MT4 or MT5. Do investors themselves care which platform the trader is using? I noticed something in the comparison chart which shows that backtesting Darwins is not possible in MT5 but I do not know if this relates to the trader or the investor?

Also, if I wanted to stay with my own broker for the time being and then bring my track record over to Darwinex that this is only possible in MT4?

For a manual trader such as myself, and who does not use bots, EA’s, coding of any kind, does it really matter which platform? I really do not understand the differences between the two as it relates to simply trading.


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MT4 or MT5 doesn’t make any difference for investors.
For manual traders they work in the same way so I would suggest MT5.
If you want to import a trackrecord from another broker it can be done only with MT4 , it is just a technical limitation due to Darwinex.

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As far as I can watch it here, investors don’t care about the platform you use because they don’t see it.
Migrated track records on Darwins are much less accepted then native ones for tons of reasons including scam of various kind so if you want to attract investors with your trading you should better use Darwinex from the beginning.