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Metatrader 5, Welcome!

It would be great to know what will be the other alternative platforms, to understand if I will be forced to deal with mql5 or not.


Back from the Interactive Q&A session webinar, some rough official estimates ?

To my limited knowledge, TradingView would not have automated trading in mind as a straight concern but it could be achieved through indicator alerts to which you tie order triggers. If someone could confirm the details ?

The definitive buzz word here remains API, then you can try to approach software architects or arrange for unofficial connectivity and make it happen.


I don’t konw…
I think many automated/algorithmic traders are making the success of Darwinex, and dont’ deserve to be doomed to mql5.
I have to program my decisions on facts not on promises, fact is MT5. I dont’ like it. Period.


[quote=“miguelrDarwinex, post:33, topic:3598”]
Well, you can keep on MT4 until we release other platforms.[/quote]

So Darwinex tells us:

“We are introducing MT5 to expand our trader recruitment who have MT5 trak-records, but we will not encourage you to migrate your Expert-Advisors under Mql5” ?

The management of Darwinex should take its responsibility and be much clearer about what the authors of Expert Advisors coded under mql4 should do.

• What is the residual life of MT4?

• When will other platforms be available, with which programming language?


That’s a very interesting screenshot. If I was to look at that MT5 would be the second lowest priority for me personally, after crypto.

Oh well, there must be reasoning behind this.

Hi guys,
seems hot here! :slight_smile:

First of all, thanks a LOT for your valuable feedbacks, very appreciated guys! Your reactions are always the best indicator!

But, just like when a news hit the market, right after the spike… there’s a lot of noise :wink: and directional comes later on… when everyone has digested the news and have made an objective statement of the new situation.

Darwinex position is clear.

MT5 does NOT replace MT4 - as long as MQ runs MT4

It is an additional technology (… seems like we had the same discussion right after the release of "hidden assets… no?)

MT4 users, who, for some reasons, are stuck to MT4, well… fine! We provide MT4! :slight_smile:

As an early bird and supporter of Darwinex (like many others here in Community) you know that we have always taken the bull by the horns, to give the best (according to our view and hearing from you!) orientation to our projects, before it becomes an obligation for everyone in the industry:

In this same direction, you have mentioned that MT4 is now destined to die slowly (with a statement on wich we totally agree. Well… and now what is your option at this stage?

I mean, it has nothing to do with Darwinex here, it is a quesion of technology.

Option 1: users who will enjoy the new language and infrastructure will migrate to MT5, and
Option 2: those who don’t, will migrate on different technologies than MetaQuotes

Wit the advantage that from this week, those who are ready to take the steps to migrate to MT5 and take some advance, are able to do it with us now, and not when it will be “too late”.

That’s it!


  • Regarding “other platforms available, which programming language?”

In the past, our excitement to share with you all our wildest projects, have led to some… communication mistakes. Because indeed, after the excitement, time of fact makes long… and the developments sometimes are more complex than they seem in the first place. This brings a lot of frustration to most of you (of us), and this is something we definitely want to avoid from now!

Communication will be duly done, in an appropriate time, please count on it, guys! @CavaliereVerde @TraderTom

As @NapoleonDynamite mentioned, this webinar contains very interesting higlights to help you see toward the big picture.

To finish,

If you prefer MT4, keep it!
If you would like to swith to MT5, welcome!

Anyway, we LOVE you traders! :heart:

You can see the MT5 release a great improvement as itself, or consider the big picture, and take it as our first BIG move to a new Darwinex Era:

A “multi-platform / multi-asset” neutral venue for traders all around the world, and… DARWINs investors!!

May I wish you a great weekend, traders! (keep feedbacks and suggestions coming :wink: )


I must comment that the “surprise” delivery of MT5, within the Q1 timeframe that was given but without too much teasing to create anticipation was spot on and a way better way to unfold than before. It is always better to promise little and deliver more than expected than the opposite. Congratulations from learning from the past mistakes ! :dancers:


Things we are asking since more than one year were postponed to deliver the poisoned present on time.

It is not so easy as " MT4 + MT5 is better than only MT4 "
In this way Darwinex is telling to the world that MT5 (with its stupid language) deserves to be the successor of MT4 .
It this way you are validating the policy of Metaquotes, a behaviour that is infuriating traders since 10 years.

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[quote=“NicolasDarwinex, post:51, topic:3598”]
Wit the advantage that from this week, those who are ready to take the steps to migrate to MT5 and take some advance, are able to do it with us now, and not when it will be “too late”.[/quote]

Salut Nicolas :slight_smile:

Well, here is a signal, a little shy, but a signal :wink:

Between not rush the customers and leave them in disarray it was still necessary to give a direction.

The danger of saying that MT5 is just the first new platform, and that many others will follow, is that people are likely to do what they do since 2010, ie to skip MT5 and wait to have the knife under the throat to migrate their EA.

In his webinar on regulation, Juan said neither MT4 nor MT5 are currently compatible with this ESMA proposal:

( II - A margin close out rule on a position by position basis. This would standardise the percentage of margin at which providers are required to close out a retail client’s open CFD;)

Logically, if MetaQuotes has to develop a relatively deep modification to become compatible, they could choose to do it only on MT5 …


Or rather, above all, the regulation is also telling MetaQuotes to evolve ? and Darwinex abiding to comply to that new state? It is no more one sided about parts of the software. More complexity

The funniest story might be that for a decade, traders have defended little anecdotical features and yet sponsored happily a software provider that was arranging with most unethical brokers to steal their pockets. This translates into sliding to enjoy punishment, without resistance :joy: very forgiving community ! (global comment that happened outside the neutral Darwinex type environnement)

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Now I want that someone tells me that the MQL5 column of the table is more “evolved” than MQL4 column …


Dear @CavaliereVerde,

No need to write 100 posts to express your doubts about MT5 and in particular its programming language. I give you reason, and millions of users too, as well as hundreds of brokers.

But the decision to keep MT4 alive for the next 30 years does not belong to you, not to Darwinex, but to Metaquotes.

Of course it would have been great if MT4 was an open source project, a kind of Firefox trading platform.

Except that Darwinex must do with reality and not with the ideal. And objectively, as I have already written above, MT5 is not a choice for Darwinex, but an obligation.


There is always a choice.
Also Tradestation isn’t opensource.
Than someone programmed Multicharts that reads easylanguage scripts…

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On my forum I have a member who has a problem with Darwinex’s VaR, he makes a fixation on it, he has already written hundreds of messages to say that he does not like VaR. And even if it is written a thousand more, Darwinex will not remove the VaR so far.

You can still write a thousand messages to say that MT5 and their language do not please you, that it will not change anything. And I tell you that, while I agree 100% with you that MT5 is a stillborn thing that should have been abandoned in favor of an MT6 for example. But this is a problem of MetaQuotes, not Darwinex.

The mistake you make is to compare platforms xyz, with Metatrader 5. Just like Metatrader 4, this is a plug-and-play functional client-server environment.

If I spoke of open source, it is to highlight the unhealthy side of being hostage to a company like MetaQuotes.

The only way to not be dependent on a platform provider is to develop your own trading platform from scratch. Except that the Darwinex model implies to propose not the best platform, but the most compatible one.

In the end of the end, Darwinex had the choice between Metatrader 5 of MetaQuotes, and MetaQuotes Metatrader 5 …


I am kind of disappointed with MT5 so far. I like the idea of releasing new platform. But I would expect better options compared to previous version.
I like price charts that are not time based like renko or range bars. In MT4 I use offline charts but they are not best choice. In Tradestation or other better platforms you have huge range of chart types as default. Even Tradingview has some but also it lacks huge time coz they have no range bars or their renko is useless.
Now I read that in MT5 there are no offline charts. I tried search and came empty handed. All I found was renko indicator that sits below time based price chart. Not what I wanted. There seems to be nothing in this direction for over two years. There should be much more if Metaquotes expect MT5 to replace MT4.
I would expect much better job from Metaquotes.
But this is only my specific situationa nd I expect there are many traders who like range bars and renko. Just look at the discussion forum on Tradingview. For many years many traders are asking range bar chart type without any success.
It seems that I would too welcome MT6 :slight_smile:
Anyone who can help with additional chart types for MT5?
So Darwinex introduced MT5 and not helpful to me so far. If Darwinex will introduce TradingView, again not much help for me. It seems to me like some trading platforms are developed by someone who hasn’t got much idea of what traders really need. Am I the only one who thinks that?
P.S.: Thanks Darwinex for releasing new trading platform. You are giving more choice to many traders. To some traders MT5 is not viable choice. But you can’t please 100% of people all the time :slight_smile: I am so far on the fence with MT5. Lets see what will happen next.


Every time a broker adds support to MT5 it shortens the life of MT4 .
It is a war and we know it.
I have made a quick tour on some brokers, those that weren’t supporting MT5 two years ago aren’t supporting it now.
There are more brokers supporting MT4 + other than MT4 + MT5 .
Automated traders need an MT5 that support mql4 code, but if Metaquotes win the war they will never do that.

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I have been a big opponent of MT5 since its launch because at the time of its introduction it was just ridiculous how bad of a product it was and metaquotes did everything in their power to launch it the worst way they could :smiley:

However, some years have passed and I actually wanted to take a deeper look into MT5 again for a while now. My favorite broker introducing MT5 is an additional incentive. I’ll get back to you all with an unbiased review in a couple of days hopefully :wink:

In the meantime, I’d like to ask if the provided history (bar and tickdata) is actual darwinex history or delivered by metaquotes?


I agree with you. And if we take into account that MT5 was released in 2010, MetaQuotes lost the war a long time ago.

On the other hand MetaQuotes have quietly continued to sell MT4 for 13 years, and has $ 100’000.-- the license, plus the annual support licenses, the debacle of MT5 could be overcome.

By implementing the interesting MT5 functions in MT4, and putting back the missing functions, like hedging, in MT5, the two platforms are really close.

Except that the architecture of MT4 is now really old and obselete. As was the case of Windows XP / Server 2003.

So currently, MetaQuotes are putting a lot of pressure on the brokers for the switch to MT5.

According to my information:
-not possible to buy an MT4 license for new brokers
-not possible to deploy new MT4 servers for existing clients.
-a big discount on the price of the MT5 license, probably limited in time
-a massive increase in the price of the MT4 support license

MT4 for a MT4 broker is not an accessory element with which they can eternally play cat and mouse. In fact the question for the broker is not so much MT5 or not, it’s MetaQuotes or not.

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If there is no workaround available for this only American requirement to disallow hedging on the same account, a lot of strategies can‘t work anymore, backtesting is worthless and a lot of accounts can’t be used anymore if more than one EA is running on the same asset.

And this is why I love Darwinex, although my previous comments on this thread may seem otherwise, imthey are great. Listening to customers, sounds small but it’s the biggest thing, and something most companies forget!

I agree with everything in this comment and I’m really glad you took the time to post through such a detailed answer :blush:. I think you are correct about the good ideas being more a communication issue rather than anything else. Made it feel like there was a wavering direction rather than a solid view of what’s happening.

Keep up the good work guys