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Migrations and trackrecord farming

people are exiting NTI. trader has taken 21 trades in 6months. been in drawdown for a year. so no, I don’t think this is exciting for these investors.

PLF? his numbers don’t excite these investors either. not sure how he is being hurt by migration heros
same wfj.

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That is the point migration are exciting while robust stuff isn’t :joy:

Do Darwinex want to excite customers or want them to make money?

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yes they are, but the absents of said results doesn’t make returns of 10% attractive to same people

darwinex cannot force customer to make money, people have freedom to do as they wish. if they lose they lose.

they only provide the opportunity to make money. it is not a creche

there is enough information provided, but if people want to dream, that is their call


Hall of Excitement:
… to be continued… :wink:

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all these safety nets are to protect the dumbest investors, who will manage to lose money on even the most profitable darwins . recall SKI saying investor were losing money his Darwin midyear when he hit 70+ % this year :joy::joy::joy:

providing a barrier to migrations prevent attraction of good darwins however rare they are.

who among you cannot tell a fake migration, simply by seeing the equity curve. who cannot spot a martingale simply by looking at the equity curve


Same can happen with completely unmigrated Darwins on accounts that -I suppose- have no other accounts active like NMM.

Investors have to learn how to invest and they have to learn it on their own. They can take as much as possible from threads in this forum but it’s their own responsibility.


I will mention my situation.
I am not a trackrecord farmer BUT :
provider’s earning : 20k
investor net result : -2.7k

I am neither a scam trader neither a noob investor, it is a matter of balancing things.


The problem with Migrations is not only on Investors side.Problem is also on Traders side,because they are poisoning the atmosphere of fair competition and meritocracy among traders.A while ago I noticed that out of 38 darwins that were in the +100% Club,only 18% of them actually achieved 100% or more profits on the platform.And how many migrated wunder-darwins that were also in this club,but were archived in the meantime?How many honest traders got discouraged because they had to compete with such onslaught of fake traders?How many good,honest traders went into excessive risk taking while trying to catch up with migrated geniuses and eventually entered into deep DD and left?I was writing about similar poisonous atmosphere at Alpari PAMM service that ruined everything.
In Darwinia, similarly,native darwins with low D-score are forced into overtrading and excessive risk-taking,while migrated traders with 70-80 D-score are able to get allocations with normal monthly profits 1-4%.
Without the solid number of good,honest,stable traders this platform cannot grow and flourish.Traders are working bees here,without them there is nothing.


Exact, for example i dont’ think we need more traders.
The more the better of course but we dont’ need to speed up things with migrations anymore, today genuine return is more than enough.
We don’t need more Grails to increase an aum that is stagnating since more than one year, we need profitable investors.
I think there are at least 10 visible good and investable traders while at least 10 are hidden and obscured by farmed fake Grails.


There are 98 traders currently that have +20% Yearly profit and at least 360 Days in Darwinex-meaning they all have achieved such good result here,on this platform.Data is true and verifiable.It is true not all of them have healthy engine but still,isn’t such base of profitable traders large enough for Darwinex to stop with Migrations?There are probably another 100 traders who for the moment don’t have 20% profit because they are in temporary DD or have less than 360 days of trackrecord,but are perfectly able to achieve such result.


You’re right, but we need more good traders or better: good strategies.

I analysed the First 40 in the hall of fame a couple of weeks ago and most of them didn’t get a significant amount of fees in the last 6 months shown there. That means that investors didn’t make money with them in these 6 months, I assume they lost net. Only 3 of the DARWINs of these 40 traders could be worth an investment if you subtract the hero status and your personal hope.

Of course the picture changes every day.

Investing in Forex products is like investing in penny stocks on the pink sheet. Expectations are high, reality is different and frustration comes with losses. That’s why most investors are looking for high returns, they might be newbies at Darwinex but not in investing.

In both markets you also have professional and institutional investors who found their way to success. For private investors this is also valid if they learn their lessons.

I still think that migrations should be marked as it is done with high divergence before an investment can be made.

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What is the reason Darwinex keep accepting new migrations with full funtionality to get AUM since the first day if most of migrated account are crashing?

I understand a simple fact of putting all migrated accounts in quarantine for 3 or 6 months before they qualify for any private investment or Darwinia would be so simple to implement…at least Darwinex is getting greedy.


I think Darwinex is the only copy trading platform where traders are allowed to bring their past history. I understand this is important due to D-Score ratings but I agree with the general sentiment here. Migrations are not useful anymore. Let everyone compete on an equal footing starting from scratch.

This is even more important now when you see the news of people easily buying MT4 servers etc.


You are wrong, on myfxbook autotrade you can import a trackrecord and they neither show the import date.
On they show the migration date like here.

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And those migrations count to whatever ranking structures they have there? Oh okay. I don’t know much outside Hotforex, Forex time and Alpari so pardon me.


Here’s an idea:
Why don’t we just set the Experience attribute to 0 on the day of migration and have it start increasing from the Migration Date, rather than the start of the track record date?


because they want to attract Good Traders. and good traders have track record already.

to punish them, would be self defeating for Darwinex


Thing is, some of these “good traders” have accounts in places like FXTM, Hotforex etc where everyone starts from scratch and have no problems with it. There are other ways to show off track record.


It is a choice, Darwinex chose to allow migration but shows the date for transparency.