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MinvestAlCapital live portfolio

Hi everybody,
after 2 years of observing I´ve decided to create my own darwin portfolio. I will not try to re-invent hot water here so I made a bet on experienced traders with history who can psychologicaly handle longer DD and will not lose control over their actions.

Since I like the quote: “Put your money where your mouth is.” I´ve decided to invest biggest chunk of money into my darwin. Later I will re-distibute money to other darwins from MHU in order to have better diversification. Portfolio is leveraged.

Despite it had good start since February I would consider start from 01.05.2020 and ignore previous months (there were money invested only in MHU)

MHU - reason is clear here, I know my strategy, have been developing it for years
ERQ/NTI - long native track records, experienced traders - I guess no more comments needed here
YZZ/LVS - traders who proved that can handle DD with maturity

later to add:
SYO & SKI - waiting for DD on these darwins at least 10-15% from current tops

If currently invested darwins (except MHU) will have deeper DD I will add to positions.
I will try to update it on monthly basis and stick with it even if results will be negative so we can all learn. Any constructive suggestion/feedback is welcomed as I am pretty much newbie in this…


Why don’t you create a topic about MHU ?
Your darwin is very promising and deserves more visibility.


I thought I would do it in second half of the year after having at least 1 year of trackrecord…