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MinvestAlCapital live portfolio

Hi everybody,
after 2 years of observing I´ve decided to create my own darwin portfolio. I will not try to re-invent hot water here so I made a bet on experienced traders with history who can psychologicaly handle longer DD and will not lose control over their actions.

Since I like the quote: “Put your money where your mouth is.” I´ve decided to invest biggest chunk of money into my darwin. Later I will re-distibute money to other darwins from MHU in order to have better diversification. Portfolio is leveraged.

Despite it had good start since February I would consider start from 01.05.2020 and ignore previous months (there were money invested only in MHU)

MHU - reason is clear here, I know my strategy, have been developing it for years
ERQ/NTI - long native track records, experienced traders - I guess no more comments needed here
YZZ/LVS - traders who proved that can handle DD with maturity

later to add:
SYO & SKI - waiting for DD on these darwins at least 10-15% from current tops

If currently invested darwins (except MHU) will have deeper DD I will add to positions.
I will try to update it on monthly basis and stick with it even if results will be negative so we can all learn. Any constructive suggestion/feedback is welcomed as I am pretty much newbie in this…


Why don’t you create a topic about MHU ?
Your darwin is very promising and deserves more visibility.


I thought I would do it in second half of the year after having at least 1 year of trackrecord…


Starting first month with a big drop of course because significant part comes from my own strategy.
RRRs on my gold strategies are set up between 2.5-10, gold didnt do clearer break-up and EAs were collecting one loss after another. Same situation with my manual trading. Sell in May and go away didnt work out too well neither so perfect negative storm last month.
It was a bit frustrating but only thing I can do is follow the rules.
With other invested Darwins I am more less satisfied with behaviour/performance.

WIth the new change my strategy got hit hard. 20% less profit and only 5% smaller DD. Yearly profit for me and my investors got worse as well.
The thing is that I ended up in Lions pit by investing into my own Darwin. I liked idea presented in one of Darwinex videos about showing confidence in your own straegy by investing in it. And I am one of the people who welcomes this change because I believe it will be possitive from long-term however it would be really nice if we as traders could know this kind of change earlier than just couple of days before. Because now I either withdraw money and transfer it to the trading account and I will lose recovery point in my portfolio or will keep money there and will be losing money due to management fee and 5% performance fee since my strategy has low rotation.

I believe that Darwinex will introduce some change which gives reason to traders with low ratotation strategies to keep money with them, either showing balance over 10k+ or as suggested “trader commitment” tool discussed in another topic. Looking forward to Webinar on Thursday…


Results in June.
Only 1 thing what I am unhappy is my darwin. I usually operate on higher risk and dont mind DD in underlaying strategy 30-35% even with 100k+ account however I must admit that I lost control here a bit and DD went bigger.
Closed out 1/4 losing positions in June to reduce over-leveraging. I am a bit stubborn and still hold short positions in SP500 which resulted in low LA and high VaR.
I will be watching US Q2 earnings and Covid-19 influence and adapt based on that.

Good luck and strong nerves to everyone…

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July results - a bit of struggle.
When MHU will reach HWM I will withdraw money from there and transfer half of it directly to trading account and invest to other darwins with second half…