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Money taken away when selling out of Darwins

When I sell out of Darwins it seems like a lot of the value - unreasonably much of it - is lost. Like, I might sell 100 dollars worth of the Darwin, but only get 88 dollars. Same fraction if I sell a 1000 dollars worth. This is for darwins where I’ve lost money (so no need for performance fees), and seems to be the case both when selling out for small and big amounts (not a reasonable performance being taken for each order in other words). I also don’t think the Darwin in question (it was NTI this time) had any open trades.

Don’t know if this is relevant, but my account is leveraged.

Could anyone help explain what’s going on?

I think it may be that you are misunderstanding the Darwin interface or terminology.

When you say you sold “$100 worth” you are selling the amount of a Darwin you paid $100 for.

So if the price of that “chunk” of Darwin has gone down in price, you will get less back.

I find it confusing as Darwinex do not unitise their Darwins, or at least do not show it, so you cannot easily calculate gains and losses in the same way as shares for example.

I also find it quite annoying that they only show the profit and loss of a holding, but not the current valuation.

Have a look in History tab. That will show you Buy Quote and the Sell Quote.

If you calculate the percentage difference, that will show your return. You will also need to add the Divergence amount to get your profit or loss.


Ah, I did not realize this. I briefly considered the possibility, but thought it didn’t match up with the returns, but perhaps that has to do with my 2x leverage somehow :thinking:

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

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The easiest way I found to do it is to calculate everything with the figures shown in the platform. Then your multiply the gain or loss percentage by 2.

So if your initial traded amount was $100
$50 is your money, and Darwinex loaned you the other $50