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Move of DarwinIA allocations to new risk DARWINs

Next Monday 2020-06-29T11:00:00Z we will move DarwinIA allocations from the DARWINs of VaR 10% to those of VaR 6.5%.

For this move, it’s necessary to take into account the PnL of the allocation. That is, if a DARWIN of VaR 10% had an allocation of 20,000 and PnL of 1,000, what it will have after the migration to VaR 6.5% will be

(20000 + 1000) * 10/6.5

If it were a loss instead of a gain, it would be subtracted.

On July 1st the new DarwinIA prizes will be allocated to the 6.5% VaR DARWINs.


Hi Bianka,
and how about Darwinia allocation starting from July?
Will that be increased? If not, are there plans to increased in near future?

Hi @bianka,
Thanks for your valuable information.

Darwinex’s allocation is getting bigger and bigger. Hopefully, Darwinex team would do something special in near future.

In future can we expect 50M-100M allocation every month?

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No increase in July but there will be a further increase soon, yes.

Not planned in DarwinIA (seed allocation program) but indeed a goal when it comes to attracting 3rd party allocations to the darwin asset class.

Would you explain more about 3rd party allocations?