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MT4 DAX trading time vs MT5 frustration


so i have been day trading for almost a decade. mainly the alpha benchmark in HF aka SPX500. Additionally CL and DAX.
Recently added Darwinex for diversity and prepping the longer goal, and now after a week or so, I am just completely frustrated with it.

So I want to have some clarifications as I never encountered that before with my other broker platforms. Because on my main broker, I am always able to trade DAX, apart from the small pause (1 hour) between pre-post midnight hours UK time)

  1. Why is it when I look at all the MT5 & MT4 accounts that Dax is actually moving like on any other broker I have except on MT4 – i cannot even adjust, modify or add trades during asian session.
    what the hell is wrong with the trading hours?
  2. why are the equities, and instruments so limited on Darwinex on both MT5 and MT4?

Oh and also, I regulaly get the message Off-quote when adding or modifying a positionm, which basically does not allow me to do anything. Afaik, off-quote error is when volume cannot follow or broker is not connected, But yet that only happened to me 2 times in a decade with another broker.
with Darwinex it happened to me almost 63 times (i counted it for a week)

What am I missing that I have the feeling Darwinex is so so so limited in terms on MT4 mainly?

Maybe I should pull out the money and move to a better place if the outcome is not as expected?

Additionally Since Catalina does not support 32 bit, and Wine or PlayOnMac is just screwing my Macbook over, what are my alternatives to have any sort of desktop version since Darwinex does not have a web platform

second: I am unable to find the KOSPI and AS50 in the list. Any half decent trader knows that KOSPI index is a big benchmark in Asian sessions where liquidity moves to grind out the EURO session before loading into the USA.
Is it me, or I am just unable to trade those ?


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Hi @silkseedcap,

Thanks for your message. One of our LPs experienced issues that affected some of our indices last night.

This has now been duly solved, as you probably may have realised.

Please send us your affected order ID and account number to so we can have your case reviewed in detail.

We are very sorry for the issues.

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But then I still would like the answer on all other subjects mentioned in my OP.
So can you?