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MT4 REAL Server SCAM Video



Better,more detailed video from same author.


Any ideas about Darwinex policy of migrating MT4 accounts from other “brokers”?

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no , but if I can figure out how to migrate a dreamer equity curve, I’l be set $$$$

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Thanks for sharing this, @Muiris.

It is no surprise that someone with access to a broker’s MT4 Manager can amend the account’s track records, hence the reason why we only import track records from established brokers.

I don’t see the likes of FxPro, IC Markets, Pepperstone (or even Darwinex) allowing their traders to access their MT4 managers.

Re migration policy, we did post an article a while ago, I hope this proves helpful:



I was more sharing this for general information, for those who fall pray to twitter/instagram “trade educators” . To be aware.


I remember a long time ago a conversation about the risks of migrated accounts. This scam has been going on for a long time and has been gamed very well to look very legitimate. Migrated accounts really worry me tbh. I’ve been away for a while but I remember there being a fair few who migrated then their returns looked very different post-migration.

yeah, but if people are still falling for migrated accounts, that’s is on them.

a couple of days on the thread here and you would know better.

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It is not only a problem of migrations, “traders” can run a farm of 20 accounts on Darwinex and show/darwinize only the luckiest, so you have an authentic but non significat trackrecord.
Nobody can force a trader to show every account he is running.
This is the reason why it is important to know the trader and ascertain his honesty.

Even true traders tend to show above average stuff to impress investors, they give them what they want.
Return on last 1y for SYO is below 10% , you dont’ attract 3 millions showing a return of 10%.

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One outstanding year early on , can make all the difference.

FSK hit 95% first yr, now 8% so far 2019.

Very difficult to sustain exceptional returns. Better to be like ERQ and hit 20% each year.



“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MetaQuotes Software Corp…”

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