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MT5 on Android - no charts, no prices

Hi all,

recently I’ve started using my MT5 Live account to trade, but I can’t see any charts or quotes in the Android app. When I try to add a symbol in “Quotes”, then it says that all instruments are already added to the Quotes but that list is empty. The same for charts and trades. Yesterday I did a trade, but it is not visible in the Android app under trades/history. In the chat I can see that I’ve made a deposit to my MT5 account. So something is coming through to the app, but many thing don’t. Restarting the smartphone didn’t help.
When I change to my demo accounts , then it did work fine this morning. I could see symbols and everything else that should be there. But just now I can’t even login to the demo accounts anymore (authorization error). I’ve not changed any password yesterday or today.
MT5 on Windows works fine with both, demo and live accounts.
Any help is much appreciated.

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Dear @Utopian,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience, I am sorry to hear you had issues with your Live MT5 account.

Would you mind sending your account logs to so we can review your case in detail?

Thanks in advance,

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Darwinex support team has help me to solve my Problem. Password typo :confounded:
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Happy to hear it got solved, I wish all the problems were as easy to solve as this one!

Trade safe,

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