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Multi-Currency Wallets

I made this post in the multi-investor accounts thread before but thought I would make its own thread.

Personally the ability to be able to withdraw in different currencies would be really good. This could either be done by having a multi-currency wallet where you have sections divided into different currencies or alternatively being able to withdraw in different currencies would be very useful.

The reason I’m asking is I have multiple trading accounts with other brokers in different currencies as I travel a lot for work so having different currencies available is very useful. To be able to have that all together in one account would be ideal.


I would also really like the option of having a multi-currency wallet. I.e. for me it would be good if it was possible to have a GBP portfolio and also an EUR and USD portfolios, meaning each investment portfolio could have different currency.

Ist it a feature that is considered for implementation in the future?

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Hi Kmietas, Just small curious question how multi currency portfolio can help in trading or purpose of it?

The only purpose is diversification.

As an investor I would be interested in splitting my investment in 3-4 major currencies, e.g. would like to have 3-4 almost identical portfolios in different base currencies. Otherwise I may end up losing a big part of my wallet just because of some financial or political crash in the EU, as my wallet is now solely in EUR.

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