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Multilingual forum - proof of concept

Over the coming weeks we’ll test an idea to make the forum multilingual.


We imposed English at the forum back in 2016. It’s everyone’s second language, and it seemed like the best idea at that time.

Over the years however, we’ve seen lots of native language 3rd party threads about Darwinex grow - which is great… so we’re considering giving members of our global community the opportunity to express themselves in their mother tongue.

One option might be to create multiple forums, one for each language… but this might be a hassle for multilingual users and lose the benefit of conversations in different languages.

Which brings us to the proof of concept of making this forum multilingual.

What we’re testing

We’ll create language subcategories for some of the categories of this forum over the coming weeks, starting with the “Darwinex News” category - this is now also available in Spanish. We’ll update this topic with new language subcategories going forward.

We encourage you to use the new language subcategories when posting or replying on the forum.

We’d love your feedback on this test - simply post your impressions by replying to this topic. Potential issues we’d like to evaluate include how inconvenient it would be for for users if lists like “Latest” and “Top”, or email updates, become multilingual.


  • Set your language for the forum interface in Preferences -> Interface.

  • The forum is organised at 4 levels:

    1. Category
    2. Subcategory
    3. Tag
    4. Topic
  • You can subscribe / watch at either of the 4 levels. As new languages will live at the Subcategory level, simply “Mute” any Subcategory you’re not interested in learning about in any particular language.

  • Set up your e-mail choices in Preferences -> Emails.


Can’t wait for Darwinex news in Dutch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So what should happen?
Everyone has to move every “darwin” topic to the english subcategory?

Only the news category should be multilingual.

Now it is chaotic with 2 languages in all other categories. As long as subcategories are not useable for other categories, the language should stay English.
And as long there is no automatic readable translation without abusing the original content, all lose content.

No need to do this, it has already been done in bulk.


If you find the Categories tab chaotic, you may want to consider setting the Latest tab as your default forum home page.

In addition, you can Mute all Spanish language subforums. Then nothing from those subforums will appear in your Latest tab.

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I agree, a separate forum seems a better idea, I think more intuitive to use…

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