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MUS - mustard seed planted by - EYON

Mustard seed is known to be one of the smallest seeds among garden plants & herbs but if given the right conditions to grow. It can becomes one of the mightiest tree outgrow the rest of the shrubs in the whole garden.

In the same way, my mustard seed Darwin (MUS) planted on a soil of hope; nourish with patience, disciplines & dedication. If given the right time and conditions to grow, I believe it will become one of the mightiest Darwin in the Darwinex ecosystem.

To the harvesters out there, I do not want to be those farmers who bring their produces to the market only when it is in season. I will prefer to have harvesters visiting my field to witness and experience the growth of my mustard plant together. The processes of observing the plant grows in various stages bring much joy.

Okay, okay. I heard you, let’s talk in a non-agriculture term.


  • Price action trading.


  • Fully discretionary (Non EA, robot, HFT)
  • Stop Loss with approx. 1:2 RR ratio.
  • No martingale.
  • Trade in 4H & 1D time frame.
  • Confluence in T.L.S.

T - Trend (Up, down & side-way).
L - Level (Resistance, Support & Fibo’ level)
S - Signal (Candlestick – Pin bar/ Doji/ Morning/Evening star, Bullish/Bearish engulfing etc.)

P/S: I will be more than happy to share and answer any question concerning the growth cycle of my mustard seed.


Happy planting,
Eyon :wink:


Thanks for the unique introduction of your Darwin! Wish you successful trading!

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Hey guys,

What a wonderful feeling when the first thing you check your Darwin in the morning, you are greeted by a “Good Scores” badge.

After months & months of tender care, watering, waiting in anticipation (EX) and buried under the ground, MUS- tard seed had finally germinate and begin to sprout above the 0% ground. It is time to receive some warm sunlight. Aaaaarrhh…. (taking a deep breath with arms open wide) this feeling is so nice & amazing.

I just want to share my thought and happy feelings to you guys especially for those swing & position traders, don’t force the growth or else you might risk killing your plant.

Stay positive and keep growing .


Happy to read about your philosophy and psychology and thinking.
I like your positive, natural, bright mentality. This positivity is a great ingredient in the financial world. I highly encourage more of this. Thank you.
As far as making money… well… I guess I am just amazed that given the return, the max drawdown, and the length of track record (pre-migration and post-migration)… that this Darwin all together earns a higher D Score over 71!

But then again, we know that high D Score Darwins, many times, do not end up making huge returns. Please accept my humble note here. It is not meant to offend, just a note that the D Score calculation is certainly not tethered to success or future success.

Just some context… XUX has similar track record length, similar max drawdown, but a 50% return… and yet receives a D Score of 56.

It is because MUS has a high LA score and XUX doesn’t.
just like BUX

maybe stop polluting EYONs page.
He made this page to advertise and discuss HIS Darwin, not discuss (whine) about the merits of D-Score


Return makes sense only comparing years of public performance.
Future return depends on the quality of the past return.

Ok and what about MUS ??
Can’t even see the migration date.
You mentioned the “quality of previous return”… hmmm… how does that stack up with MUS? The quality seems much lower on that one. That was my point and you didn’t really respond to that concept.

Because there is no migration :smiley:
No migration, no hindsight selection and survivorship bias.


disciplined management of leverage = high RS
disciplined management of trades = stable and high LA

This kind of past native and public return is likely to translate into future return.


Thanks for these kind words. :blush:

It’s a big encouragement to me especially coming from someone who’s much respected in this community.

Note: Pls don’t feel obligated to defense on my case.


I don’t always agree with DScore, it has a large margin of improvement, but in this case 71 is fully deserved.

We cannot predict the future but the past of MUS is flawless.

You are trading, not advertising a past return, the trackrecord starts with a mild but long drawdown so there is no manipulation, trackrecord farmers always show a perfect start.


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Here are my congratulations to your nearly perfect LA attribute and your current ranking #2 in DarwinIA. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are not many Darwins which can show the graphic under the LA attribute so nice, and an envious grid trader could never deliver something acceptable on this attribute, not even with tons of good will.

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Thanks buddy. :blush:

Shhhh…:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: on the current ranking #2 in DarwinIA. The race have not end yet. Trying to lay low before it end. :sweat_smile:


To MUS first harvester, warmth welcome to you and wish you have a pleasant stay at my garden. :smiley:

Sincere thanks from EYON.


We all have our first time in everything and that experience is usually quite a memorable and sweet one. Likewise, I want to share another milestone that MUS had just achieved last month.

I have been visualizing for a long time that one fine day my MUS-tard plant will be able to rise among the peers. Not only MUS was able to enter into the top 80 ranking last month but had exceed my own expectation by landing as TOP 10 in the Sept 2019 DarwinIA challenge.

Sincere thanks to Darwinex team for the wonderful “103K plant booster” that you have given to my MUS-tard plant.

Growing happily. :blush::blush:


enjoy it while it lasts.
keep running. keep growing. check about in 6 months.

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Another badge added to MUS :wink: