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My Live Portfolio - The What and The Why

Dont make me put my SS of my KVL investment on display plz…

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On another note, I believe that it is possible to earn very high returns with super solid strategies on LOW CAPACITY. And by that I mean, 50-100%+ return per year, 20% DD, and probably max 100k capital.

You just gotta find a market inefficiency and model it very well, and it shouldn’t be a common thing done by many. There are funds that offer very high expected returns, but they are all capped in terms of capacity.

JMC is doing this

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It is my hope/plan to achieve the same with my own trading strategy, and probably put all of my money there, with all diversification and risk management personally handled. Capacity isn’t a problem for someone with my amount of wealth :smile: Darwinex is pretty good broker in terms of commission and spread for such strategies. Though developing a such strategy is obviously not an easy thing.

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Ok, after some losses, now a more solid idea is starting to form for me what constitutes a good portfolio diversification. Obviously, trying to diversify over assets is a good idea, but besides that, as @CavaliereVerde mentioned in his own live portfolio post, volatility BREAKOUT -> trend following, and breakout fading -> Contrarian Darwins need to balance each other.

I will make a more full post later when I get a clearer picture, but for now:
LVS 5k, THA 5k, SYO 5k -> 50%, trend/contrarian, news, stocks

Trend following FEG/GAF 3000, ASY 2000 -> 5k
Need counter trend ones = 5k to balance this. CLA from what I observed, has both built in, like LVS, so that won’t do. Another method I think that is good to find counter trend ones is to search for significantly positive divergence on large capital Darwins. Need to further research this.

Need 5k asian scalpers. So far, HCP seems to doing scalping. Need more research. SKJ after changes maybe worthy as well. This will amount to total 30k! Excellent. I am super unhappy that FEG/GAF/ASY is super EUR dependent, and … well just about all darwins are :frowning: Diversifying over assets is proving to be difficult.

Gotta find negatively correlated darwins to balance each other out. I made a whole post ranting about current diversification factor calculation being incorrect - because it does not favor negatively correlated Darwins, and never got a proper official response :smile: I’m going to stick to my own version of “correct” for the time being now, enough waiting!


My goodness, FOMC surely likes causing earthquakes.

Edit: CLA is certainly turning out to be the problem child of my portfolio. Can’t make use of trends, or reversals - either loses or hovers. I wonder if I should get rid of it :thinking: At least everyone else (the rest of my portfolio) delivers on opportunities they are supposed to catch, even if they are losing overall.

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So in your opinion 90% in 2 years were just luck?
Let’s rimind that stagnations of 6, 9 or even 12 months are quite common on mature darwins with a long trackrecord.

The guy seems to know what he is doing.
My only critic is that if you worked on a strategy for 10k hours you shoud trade it with more than 1500 .

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My main problem is that CLA doesn’t fit with my diversification strategies - can’t make use of trends or reversals from what I have seen. My portfolio is seriously imbalanced right now, and CLA is the first obvious problem. I’m still keeping it, I am trying not to make knee jerk reactionary decisions.

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Just wondering if his statement about drawdown (“Not having a DD higher than 23%, as we then would need exponential profits to recuperate the capital”) is based on personal convictions or based in any theory.

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Nothing quite beats getting down and dirty and losing money/earnings money and real experience. A lot of the things I considered important in the beginning have lost their luster, and a lot of things I considered problematic don’t seem like a big deal now. I haven’t made major changes to my portfolio yet, but I think final state will look like:

THA 5k, SYO 5k, LVS 5k (15/30)
ERQ 2.5k, NTI 2.5k (20/30)
HFD 1.5k, MNW 1.5k, ASY 2k (25/30)
Scalpers 5k (30/30)

ASY 2k doesn’t quite fit there. Moreover, it seems that this community has seen a steady uptick in activity in the last 6 month, as observed by me since I got here, or is it just me?! Also, any interesting/promising Darwins you got to recommend?

As a side note: FSK seems to be killing it! Interesting Darwin to watch out for.


There is a good entry on BSL
ZXW and YZZ but you have to wait a good entry.


Yeah, I was contemplating replacing ASY 2k with 1.5k BSL, and upgrading HFD to 2k :thinking: YZZ and ZXW don’t quite fit anywhere in the portfolio.

FSK is above average by far and it does not have one year of native trackrecord.

It would be good to have some explainations from the trader on what was wrong with his previous darwins…

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No KVL? Also, you dont seem scared from the sudden THA divergence that happened last year.
Personally the long track record+equity are my main filters atm.

In any case looking forward to see your results.


KVL doesn’t fit alongside my existing Darwins. Regarding THA, no I am not particularly worried. I know what kinda events they trade, and since I manually trade those too, I always can keep an active control on THA, so that is no problem.


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Ok, I am axing this portfolio.

I think Darwins have great potential, don’t get me wrong, but I am unsuited to this kind of investment at the moment. It takes too much of my time, because I just can’t leave things be. My main trading projects keeps getting postponed because I am looking at my Darwins.

I will probably return to INVESTING in darwins in the future, but for now, I got other things to do (manual trading I am trying to cultivate). I will still be trading here on Darwinex, in fact, I am moving most of my capital to my trading here.
But now, when I am NOT trading, I will have peace of mind, because my money won’t be moving.


Sad but I understand. Those are my thoughts more or less as you probably know. Dont be a stranger - we need you here :slight_smile:


Oh I’m not leaving, simply shifting my focus to trading. :thumbsup:

When darwin incoming?

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