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My Portfolio, daily updates & hopefully a success story

So guys, let me introduce my self.

My name is Josh and i own and operate several online businesses and have grown a pot that i have had the aim at investing with diversification over the last few months.

I stumbled across Darwinex after been a successful ‘copy trader’ on Etoro for a decent period of time however something about Etoro just didn’t seem right.

thanks to @CavaliereVerde for putting me in my place a few times and helping with my noob questions.

My goal is to average 5% per month in the long term, diversifying with 4 darwins @profithunterpro & @HighFive caught my eye for a pretty safe buy and hold pair of Darwins.

My portfolio on a whole will consist of 40% Darwinex Darwins, 40% S&P 500 ETF & 20% in crypto.

Hopefully this ride will be a positive one, im in it for the long run i just hope the Darwins that i invest in are too!




Wish you the best of luck with all your investments!
Keep us up to date, if you’d like, about your Darwin portfolio.

Kind regards,

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Thanks! @SkyField

Looking forward to see if @HighFive and @profithunterpro keep up the outstanding track record that they both carry at the moment.

After playing with a few filters i decided to diversify with @JASD & @ganarcondarwinex too.


How much time have you been profitable copying/investing on eToro?

14 months in total, i was invested more into copyfunds than actually copying investors.

But the whole platform to me seems like its missing something, plus their gimmicky advertising campaigns put me off massively.

One thing i have noticed looking at peoples portfolios on here is that very few have consistent profitability, also it looks to me like a lot of users who show their portfolios on here are not choosing the obvious safer darwins.

what do you think @CavaliereVerde?

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High return and low drawdown darwins were easy to find also 3 years ago and 2 years ago.
In my opinion you are confusing safety with luck.
On eToro you made money using copyfunds that are a diversified and sophisticated product, eToro took more than five years to gather enough single traders to design them.
Darwinex is better than eToro but they still dont’ have a working portfolio to sell to customers.

BTW I am not a profitable investor so I would like profitable investors to give you some suggestions…


“In my opinion you are confusing safety with luck.”

Wouldn’t going for a darwin with a low DD and high return be safer than going for a Darwin with 2 months experience and has never been tested with a DD?

I dont mean to be insulting and jump to conclusions but are you one of these ‘people’ who just like been forum members and getting involved with the social side of things without never actually using the platform to its full potential?

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what do you base this projection on?

Its not a projection, its a goal.

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Yes , but why Is it a goal,

there should be some reason you chose 5% per month average

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5% per month compounds nicely, most of the Darwin’s i have invested in have a monthly average of between 4-6%.

So yeah its a goal, and im on track to hit that goal by the end of the first month.

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yes , it compounds to about 80% per year.


Well, that would be tremendous.

If you had invested on those 4 darwins six months ago, you had made a lot of money on them. So, your goal is based on facts, what doesn´t mean it is going to happen, but I like your logic.

I see there are solid traders behind those strategies, I like your thinking, your picks, and I also think it is better to pick 4-5 darwins at most (for sure is more risky, but alike trading, it is better to make a few high quality trades than many ¨it is ok¨ trades).

I wish you the best of luck!

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Past performance doesn’t = future performance but i would rather invest in Darwins who have had a past good performance than ones who haven’t.

This forum already seems to be filled with people who are stacking 10,20 and 30+ Darwin’s and expecting to make money, the way forward in my eyes is to select a few who have a proven track record and hope they continue the solid performance.

If i were investing in the stock market i wouldn’t not buy Apple because its had a solid 2 years, i would buy apple in hopes of it continuing to have good years.

Im not a day trader, im a long term investor, day trading involves emotions, sitting and holding does not.


Not a bad day at all guys.

@HighFive @profithunterpro @JASD @ganarcondarwinex


I am grateful to be part of your portfolio, I hope to work with you for a long time. thanks

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Welcome and good luck. I would suggest to use stop losses if you are not already doing so.


I think that this is 50% of your due diligence as an investor.
In my opinion, there are 3 main potential threats to this:

  1. Darwins emigrated from other brokers, with very suspicious track records;
  2. Solid Martingales winning 99.9% of the positions, but losing everything when that 0.1% happens. This can give a great track record for months or even years, but you never know when it’s going to explode;
  3. Averaging positions when things are going south, a huge risk that I think drawdown doesn’t highlight at the best.

From my (very limited) understanding, I would insert at least other 2 parameters to have a look at:

  1. Loss Aversion;
  2. Changes in the VaR.

In any case, very well done for your investment and I also see that you are quite active in the community, even motivating traders! Darwinex needs more responsible, yet enthusiastic investors like you :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice and kind words buddy it’s massively appreciated.

As for a stop losses, would you recommend setting them at the price I bought in? Or a little lower? Obviously I would like to remain safe, but not ‘chicken out’ after a bad day without giving the Darwin’s time to recover.


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