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My Portfolio, daily updates & hopefully a success story

Thanks for your advice and kind words buddy it’s massively appreciated.

As for a stop losses, would you recommend setting them at the price I bought in? Or a little lower? Obviously I would like to remain safe, but not ‘chicken out’ after a bad day without giving the Darwin’s time to recover.


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I prefer not to reply to this question because I’m new to Darwinex.
If you want to know about Forex Trading or my systems/strategies, I’m the man.
If you want to know about building a portfolio here on Darwinex, I tell you that I only have a demo portfolio and, even with a demo one, I’m investing less than you :smile:


How’s your demo portfolio going? Care the share the results thus far?

Just replicating my Darwin to have a look at the investor’s side of it :slight_smile:

@FedericoSellitti I see, link me to your darwin?

I hope I’m allowed to do that :slight_smile:

So guys, a day full of ups and downs today, overall we were up roughly 0.25% which im happy with.

Thanks for the support so far, my chosen Darwins are doing well, still waiting for the first day with a sizeable DD but will not let emotions get in the way.


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Im interested to hear your opinion of my current portfolio and plans.

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In my opinion you are investing darwins with a too short trackrecord.
The shorter the trackrecord the higher is the probability that return is due to luck.
Even if you are on good traders it is very likely that you are buying high.
You mentioned Apple stock, darwins are like stocks, would you invest a company that has only 2 years of business?
Even if you invest very good stocks they don’t grow every day, neither every week or month.
even if you biuld a portfolio it is impossible to make money every month, you mentioned spx500, 500 companies and it does not grow every day, the same with darwins.


How long of a track record would you require yourself?

Im not depending or expecting daily / weekly / monthly profits all that matters to me is the return in the long run.

Take HFD and CIS over the last 2 years, great performance, as i said past performance does not = future performance but they seem to have a better track record than most other darwins.

I think members of the darwinex community that are worried about ‘buying high’ don’t really understand the concept and the quotes of darwins, the price not based on supply and demand like crypto or stocks it is based on trading performance so really the sky the limit.


2 years native after migration and 3 years total.

Exact, darwins are hedge funds , and robust hedge funds have ups and downs and long drawdowns, no dream growth curves.

Well, based on the past 2 years for HFD and year and a half of CIS im happy with the potential risk/reward.

This a list of Commodity Trading Advisors, what does that have to do with the Darwins that i am invested in?

These are professional money managers with a long trackrecord.
Their risk profile is not so different than darwins so they are my reference benchmark as trader and investor.

BTW I have nothing against HFD or CIS , I have also defended @profithunterpro when he was accused of dangerous trading.

The point is that it is not so easy as it could seem.
Look to darwins XIN and QUA .

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So as of right now, if you were to invest in a buy and hold portfolio of 4 Darwin’s which would you choose? and your reasons why?

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NTI : long trackrecord, humble and communicative trader (@KlondikeFX)
PLF : long trackrecord, humble and communicative trader (@integracore2)
WFJ : long trackrecord, humble and hard working trader (@TradeSignalMachine)
ULI : decent trackrecord, founder of Darwinex (Javier Colon @bocoja = @javicolonbo )
LVS : long trackrecord, high AUM , high return (@VPSEnry)

I am already investing them on more portfolios running with real money.


Thank you for the very kind mention @CavaliereVerde … much appreciated :slight_smile: :pray:



Well, obviously you know your stuff, im not going to disagree with that but maybe we just have a little difference risk / reward threshold.

I think that @HighFive & @profithunterpro have a good enough track record for me.

However, the other two Darwin’s that i have invested in are more risky, i agree with that but i think every portfolio needs to have a few aspects with a greater risk for a greater reward but on a whole with the % allocated to my 4 Darwins i feel like my picks are solid.

It would be great if you could start a thread like this, so we can compare results on a daily / weekly / monthly basis.

At no point am i trying to be a dick here, i love hearing other peoples insight and opinions!


I have 3 threads like this! :smiley:

CavaliereVerde's live portfolio - Wide
CavaliereVerde's live portfolio - Selected
CavaliereVerde's Demo Portfolio

Happy reading!

Really happy to be part of your portfolio mate.
Thank you very much for your support.

So its been a bit of a blood bath today, @profithunterpro @ganarcondarwinex @JASD have obviously been short GBP/USD or something very similar in correlation.

Im starting to think that these Darwins do not have any kind of take profit system in place.

It would be great to hear from the Darwin managers.

Obviously its only a small dip, it hasn’t put me off and i will continue holding, emotion is the root of all failures in investment.