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NemesisCraze Demo Portfolio

I choose darwins to make a buy&hold portofolio, so I like that they are uncorrelated. This may sound obvious, but for instance to make a portfolio right now I’d need that the darwins inside it would work together without losing too much from 01/08/2018 until december that year or so. There are darwins that seemed very good until those days, and then all of them went down at the same time. Not good for a portfolio. I wouldn’t even need profit, but just not losing too much in those moments.

I like high Mc because that means that the trader is able to ride both sides of the market. Said that, I also like some darwins like YZZ, BSL or EZN although they have not-very-high Mc because they seem (medium-term) uncorrelated with other darwins. So for the portfolio are good.

Also Rs > 6.5 or so (it would depend, for instance in PME it is lower but that’s probably because he just trade from time to time).

But honestly, I’m starting to think (thanks to @CavaliereVerde), that one of the most important things is a long (>2Y) native trackrecord…


I also did an experiment with the @JaumeAntoli filters to make a balanced portfolio. He talked about them some months ago. Now that it is possible to backtest darwins, I just took 10 darwins from filter1, 10 darwins from filter2, ordered by number of investors and did the backtest. I know that it is not the very best possible order, but I just had to choose one.

The results are not bad, but neither good (although I did worst, so better than me for sure). Then, I removed all the darwins with less than 2Y of native trackrecord. I ended up with just 6 darwins, and although the equity curve is less smooth, the results are far better:

Interesting, at least :slight_smile: It seems clear that the 2Y rule is a very good safety net.

These are the filters:


I am also investing MNW but we can notice that the backtest is very short.
This means that the trader worked on Darwinex but the IPO has been delayed.
It can be a product of a hindsight selection so it is very likely that future return wont’ be so impressive as the past.

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Oh, good catch!! :spy: :thumbsup:

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Removed QUA & UEI from the demo portfolio for obvious reasons (I didn’t look at the demo since one or two months ago).

When your demo portfolio works better than the Live one… :sob:

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