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"New D-Score" mini-series w/ Javier Colón & Ali Saif

#darwinex-uncut is back!

This time in a podcast-only format about the new D-Score, with @integracore2 engaging @javicolonbo.

1) History of the D-Score up to 2020

In this first episode, Javier Colón talks about the history of Darwinex and all its Diagnostic Algorithms.
Javier takes listeners back in time to the origins of the D-Score and Darwinex itself, highlighting everything that has contributed to their evolution to this.

He sheds light on the need for Darwinex’s Investment Attributes to begin with, what purposes they were intended to serve, and how the D-Score came about in its first form.

2) What has Darwinex learned as the D-Score has evolved

In episode 2, Javier Colón shares what Darwinex has learned through time and over various iterations of the D-Score that have lead to its current state as deployed on the Investor Platform.

He sheds light on the problems with the current D-Score, and how over time it became increasingly difficult to iteratively improve upon it due to its depedencies on Darwinex Investment Attributes.

3) How is the New D-Score calculated?

In episode 3, Javier Colón shares considerations, logic and specific details around the calculation of the new D-Score.

4) Is there a best way to invest in DARWINs?

In episode 4, Javier Colón shares his experiences with DARWIN portfolio creation, his considerations, investment criteria etc.

He states that these findings are in no way the ONLY ways to construct DARWIN portfolios, and encourages the audience and the wider community to leverage the DARWIN API to improve upon the New D-Score, create their own if they so wish!

5) Impact of the new D-Score on Investment Attributes

In episode 5, Javier Colón sheds light on where the new D-Score leaves existing Investment Attributes at Darwinex.

Specifically, he sheds light on the Performance attribute’s future, given the correlation to the new D-Score as a result of the latter’s formulation via a DARWIN’s Quote.

6) Impact of the new D-Score on Darwinia & Rebates

In this final episode, Javier Colón explains the impact of the new D-Score on key Darwinex assets such as the Darwinia competition and Rebates.

He also explains how Darwinex makes proprietary capital allocation decisions, what factors influence the same, and the challenges Darwinex faces in deploying company capital vs those faced by individual investors.