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New DARWIN impact on the existing APIs

The new DARWIN in the API

The backend for the APIs was updated following the updates for having the new DARWINs of risk 5 (Var 6.5) last weekend. There is no change in the APIs interfaces but there are some minor updates affecting some usages of them:

  1. When using the short product name, like ULI or DWC, those short names are mapped to the full product name of the DARWINs risk 5. We’d recommend to continue using the full product names, as returned from the filters or the rest of the methods in the API.

  2. In the DARWIN Trading API, an investor account leverage can now be updated up to a maximum of 3. The previous maximum leverage was 2. Nevertheless, notice that all investor account leverages were updated last weekend following the business model updates. This increase of leverage does not affect the existing investment in the account. It affects new buy orders.

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