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New DARWIN to invest

I want to invest starting at night, but I can’t find any DARWIN available anymore.!

So , my question , where I find the DARWIN to invest ?

Thank you

As I already answered, the main site is closed for maintenance, and even if it were open you can’t buy neither sell darwins during weekend.

Market is closed, you can’t buy Amazon, you can’t buy eurusd, you cant’ buy darwins… :smile_cat:

They have reopened the site but it is still sunday so… :wink:

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The site is just opened, just check it. :slightly_smiling_face:

You find the commission and rebate I asked on another thread for under the history tab. :wink:

The wallet works if you want to transfer inside of Darwinex.

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But when the market opens at night, I will be able to buy again, just like in the past ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


I expect that.

You can only buy the new Darwins.

If you look in your portfolio you also see your current investments which are only available to sell.

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But I read this here

  • Investors have nothing to do , but should note that
    • They’re welcome to keep old DARWINs, and will benefit from EVERY improvement going forward, BUT
    • Old DARWINs can be sold, but no longer be bought .

So I don’t understand if they can be bought when the market opens or not …


So when the market opens, will appear the new DARWIN that can be bought ?


Like Jimi Hendrix says… “Wait Until Tomorrow” 00

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I think the tradable Darwins are flat.
Some markets have opened meanwhile.
On my lists all Darwins stay closed to buyers.

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