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(New) Darwinex

Darwinex has had a very clear ethos from its beginning. It’s embodied by our logo featuring an owl :darwinex: (predator) and our animal avatars (evolution).

But let’s face it, we haven’t been able to bring this message through. Again and again, the market perceives us as a run-of-the-mill MT4 broker. Or, even worse, as a “social” trading / investing site.

@integracore2’s recent experience with Wikipedia editors only confirms it.

We want to change this. We’ve started working on Darwinex’s repositioning on the financial landscape. In this video, @juancolonbo shares in which direction Darwinex will move. We still have to make a lot of decisions. E.g. create separate brands for the FX/CFD broker, the coming IB integration and the asset manager?

But we’ve distilled the foundations of the repositioning. Learn about it in this video and share your feedback!


Guys, I truly believe you are on the right track with this one.
Really awesome.

Thanks for sharing.

PS. Keep the name Darwinex, because it is king of the jungle :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like you may be considering a website rebrand with IM the focus and broker an ‘additional service’.

I do think this is a good idea to differentiate Darwinex and it should get decent coverage - don’t know if you work with financial marketing teams?

Who are you targeting as your audience?

Hedge fund managers tend to have low public exposure whereas those with a retail target market obviously focus on their website and online network.

My preference would be to move higher up the chain but that may be a step to far in the early days and of course the Darwin providers are to a large extent ‘in the shadows’.

Whilst you are providing the IM wrapper it is of course the Darwin providers who play a large part in performance and who investors will want to know about.

So how do we raise the profile of Darwin providers?? I liked the idea of a ‘tinder’ for introducers/providers. Unfortunately the more public the focus, the less cache this has and hence the lower the perceived value - IMO.

Maybe make more of the idea of Darwins as an asset class by showing the performance against stock, bonds, property, etc. I know timeframe is an issue but if you can create the mindset that the Darwin universe is an asset class in itself then this throws up the idea of significant investment as part of a HNWI/family office portfolio.


And of course if you develop the Darwin portfolio idea this makes the Darwin providers less relevant. Can you reveal details of performance of portfolios you have created??

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If a Darwin would be an own asset (or Darwins were an own asset class) it would be a really big step forward.
Next big step would be to make it tradeable at a regulated market.

That’s not painting the building, but moving to a new and big one.

But I don’t know what’s possible in Spain or - after Brexit - in GB or rest of Europe.


Really happy to hear this coming from you dear @StokesBay - watch this space! :wink:


I think that content matters much more than packaging.

This is the point, not MT4 or Wikipedia.
Is it doable to make money as investor or people lose money like on other sites?
That should distinguish Darwinex from competitors, profitability of investors.

What does Darwinex need to increase the profitability of investors?

My humble opinion:

  1. Better DScore
  2. Better Investors Advanced video series for investors
  3. Better Darwins Higher requirements to create darwins
  1. Better traders.

Points…are just the icing on the cake and its improvement comes organically over time.
(My unsolicited opinion :zipper_mouth_face:)


@DominionCuentas Allow me to disagree. There are very good traders at Darwinex, but if you look at it, there are only 42 with over 100,000 euros of investment. What is missing for traders who have proven to be profitable with stability to have a higher investment, which would be in line with their performance?


A word from a new member-lurker of this community. In the video there was a talk about how new clients got referred or attracted, and I want to tell my short story.

For the first time I came across Darwinex back in 2015 and it had a pitch of “trader movement” and such, but because it had a bit wider spread on the pairs I traded and was fairly new without proven history of operations I didn’t stick around and it was lower on the list then other options at the time(so I didn’t even learn about darwins).

Last year I was doing my research into bridge between MT4 and python and Darwinex has a great video series on this subject and code provided by @integracore2 on his github, this material made me spend more time here and actually research on the darwins idea and system. Only then I realized that this place is not just run of the mill broker.

I don’t have a clear solution at the moment how to make this information more apparent to by-passers like I was or to attract more serious capital. But I think it’s very important for future growth.


DarwinIA should cover that. There were/are (?) about 250 Darwins taken profit on the contest.
If your very „good“ traders don’t, something is wrong with it.


I see your point.

Even so, and I include myself in the first place, the quality of trading I see in general is still not high enough.

I’m sorry, but what may seem like a trader who deserves a bigger investment, in most cases is not (at least to me…)

If most of us traders were already superstars we would be floating in seas of our own and/or other people’s capital. :money_mouth_face:

Just look at the top of the rankings. The potential to make a lot of money is clearly there, so other concerns are only excuses.

Where are the better traders at?


I agree on this and this is the main point.
IMO we have already decent amount of good traders but investors are not in the condition to find them.
It is exactly the reason I am asking more visibility for good traders and better investors.

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How will darwinex decide about who is a good trader or a bad trader?
What will be criteria for good trader if darwinex decided to promote bunch of traders?

The easiest way I suggested above, but there is a longer way to go to reach it:

Other opportunities are the definition of working(!) risk classifications for assets and traders.
The main asset Darwinex has is the risk manager. IMO the value of it is completely undervalued.




Although the cream of the crop will always be at the top (eventually) regardless of visibility or not.

I get it. We are talking about improving Darwinex but let’s sometimes accept that almost everything is already invented and quite fair as it is.

If some traders didn’t get investment yet, it is because some traders didn’t deserve investment yet, for whatever reason. Maybe they didn’t farm their track records enough.

(Just kidding…).


I don’t think there is any magical formula that can decide a good trader and predict good future return.

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It will never be a magical formula but there is a HUGE margin of improvement.
The point is that to grow investors have to recommend Darwinex to other investors, and this will happen when a serious amount of existing investors will begin to make money.

“Traders first” is the mantra since the beginning, I think now it is time to work on investors.

Does Darwinex want to work still on gathering traders?
Branding is not the point, features are the point for serious traders.
They have to start fishing on other pools offering Multicharts, futures, NinjaTrader…
It is a matter of meat not of smoke… :wink:


But they are working on it. :neutral_face:

:musical_note: Need a little patience, yeaaaah :musical_note:
:musical_note: Just a little patience, yeaaaah :musical_note:
:musical_note: Some more patience, yeaaaah :musical_note:


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