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New investor here, how is my portfolio?

I am looking at 3 relatively new darwins: TEJ, SXZ and DYW. I have not seen these mentioned anywhere else on this forum. They look promising to me, maybe someone with more experience analysing darwins can share their thoughts. Is their track record too short for now?

  • short trackrecord
  • low Risk Stability
  • straight line = martingale
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Are you running a portfolio or is this just a theoretical question?

Welcome to the community! :wink:

Thanks! Its just a theoretical question for now

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You find DYW and SXZ in my demo portfolio since March as they meet the selection criteria (and are not sorted out by changes to new investors last month).

You don’t find them by the search function here as I only published a screenshot.

TEJ can’t be in as the performance is less than 40% until end of February.