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New Natives Filters (Reloaded version): Good Scores, On Fire,


Sorry for the strategy behind XXW but it’s an example.

GOOD SCORES Filter: Could you explain please ?

  • 2 IAs / 11 IAs < 5/10
  • 1 IAs (Loss aversion, the most important for me) =1.2/10
    So, 3/11 IAs are bad, or bad bad bad and XXW is catgorized “Good Scores”. How ?

You say to the INVESTORS that this darwin is a darwin with good scores in all Investment Attributes ! You cheat !

For one moment it is necessary to observe what one codes and to harden the filters or then one investment does not write in this case “Good Score in ALL attributes”.

I can track/work for you, I am better than sleuthhound. Hihi


Yes the new Good Scores filter is strange, the old one was equivalent to Advanced level.
Reloaded mysteries… :smiley:

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Analyzing darwins with “Good Scores” and a low D-Score it seems that all the filtered Darwins have an Ex >6 and Pf >8 .

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Is this difficult to imagine that this filter “Good Score” would be right with 11/11 IAs with scores superior to 5 or 6 or 7 ? Or 10/11 IAs but not 7/11 with Scores < 5 or 2 !! NO no no

I don’t understand the specifications…


@ignacio @juancolonbo

Youou !! Good Score Filter = “A good score in ALL Attributes

XXW for example but many darwins on the 50 darwins selected by your algo as VFL (1.8 Loss Aversion, ouahhh a very good score for a principal IA), MEM (1.7 in Os), BUE (1.7 in Cs), etc etc etc

Could you explain this filter with IA < 2 ? Not All attributes so change the definition of “Good Score” (50 darwins) or reset your algo filter, hihi.

I criticize but is to understand and make progress my favorite broker and AM.

Kind regards


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Thanks for reporting this, I will have this reviewed.


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I think Good Scores is:
Ex 6.5
Pf 7.5
Mc 7
Rs 7


I think a good combo for new investors could be
Good Scores + Return > 50%
Only 20 darwins.

I seems that I was wrong about Good Scores and Risk Stability… it’s a pity…
Happy to have my custom filters.


I thank @VolcanoFX that showed me the brand new filter “Under the Radar”

At a first glance the rules seem to be:

  • Good Scores
  • Ex 10
  • AUM < 500k
  • divergence > - 0.5%
  • 6 months native trackrecord

Glad to see that darwinex is using some filters we are asking since a lot of time.
Unfortunately those filters aren’t available to us mortals.


You thank wrong as i said:
ECE darwin has RS < 4 & La < 5 = Poor Quants of Darwinex.

I always say the Good Score filter (& many others things) was busy (see false).


Indeed! :grinning:
You didn’t missed it!

This one should be pretty powerful imho.

Over the time, it should make easy the process to renew its inventory of DARWINs on a regular basis, while keeping optimal scalability, on diversified portfolios.

We hope you’ll appreciate it!


Very appreciated.

I think also Darwinex is appreciating some criterias that work. :wink:


I don’t think that there is a Ex = 10 rule.
RZX has a 9.6 for EX
Also it seems that the “good scores” is not = to the badge “good scores”… (unless I don’t understand why BSL hasn’t got the badge!) …

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Yes maybe there are a couple of exceptions, even if it were Ex 9.5 it would not change so much. :smiley:

Another possibility could be DScore 70 instead of Good Scores and Ex 10.
This rule could explain also why BDR and DLI haven’t this badge.

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I think that the D-scores>70 = “good scores” is the right answer

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The complete formula is in the blog.
BTW I think Performance > 7 is redundant so not necessary.
Ther are no darwins with DScore 70+ and Performance under 7 .


Six month of live experience on Darwinex are not only an anti-scam filter.

It proves that you are used to the differences beteween strategy and Darwin and you know how to deal with important concepts like Var and Cp.


As you can see with revised DScore darwins like JZH and AOF are below 70 so out of “under the radar” filter .
With an improved DScore additional conditions and customized filters will be less necessary. :slight_smile: